Superheroes by day, organizers by night.... 

We are so grateful!  Yesterday we switched out of our GirlTrek t-shirts and sneakers and into some fancy day attire to accept the Rosalyn S. Jaffe Award in front of 700 people at a super-swanky awards ceremony at Cipriani's in New York City. 

Soledad O'Brien emceed the event and Mrs. Jaffe [pictured], who started Dress Barn more than 50-years ago and grew it into a 7 Billion (how you like me now!) dress empire that now includes Ann Taylor and Lane Bryant, gave us the award.




The best part of the day wasn't the fancy clothes or the great recognition, it was the number of Black people, executives from the company, women in the audience, even a few of the servers in the room, who came up and whispered in our ears "I'm so proud!" 

Although it would seem like we would take a day to bask in our red carpet glow, you already know - we ain't got time for that!  We're superheroes by day and organizers by night, which means we've already washed off our makeup and pulled out our computers to prepare for this afternoon's "Power Hour" training.  

This is the work we do! 

Calling all crusaders for the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague, all new GirlTrek team leaders, and everyone planning to lead an #OptOutside Family 5K - join us today at 1PM, ET for our monthly Power Hour Call.   

During this virtual training you will learn everything you need to know about making your walk safe, fun and amazing.  Call-in details below!  

When: Today, Friday October 28th
Time: IN ABOUT AN HOUR! (1pm ET,   12pm CT,  11am MT, 10am PT)
Dial-in Number: 1-712-832-8284 . Conference Code: 109763   

*We recommend being at a computer during this call in order to follow the presentation.  Link for presentation: 

Talk soon, 


Vanessa and Morgan