GirlTrek is featured in this month's Essence Magazine!


UNITED STATES - November 14, 2017 -  You just might find sisters praise dancing, body rolling and applying fresh coats of lipgloss all across this great country!  Why?  Because Essence Magazine just featured GirlTrek in a full-page spread!!!!!!!   Baby BAAABY!!!

The December issue just hit stands!

It's the issue with Denzel Washington (Heeeey Denzel) and Viola Davis on the cover. 

Here's a sneak peek:


"Our number one ask of Black women is to start walking with GirlTrek and start spreading the word using #GirlTrek so they can become advocates!  Our goal is to rally one million Black women by 2018 and that is only a fraction of the 23 million who need this lifeline!"

To read the full story, be sure to get your copy today at local newsstands!


For additional media inquiries, please contact:

Jewel Bush
National Director of Communications



We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest Until It Comes

A huge shout out to every freedom fighter who registered voters, scouted her route, organized her neighbors and walked to vote on Election Day!  It was glorious to see your mighty efforts.  Black women showed up!  This is juuust the beginning of our collective action.  Believe that.  Stayed tuned for big news in 2017!  Until then, check out this beautiful recap of photos, reflections and videos from the Black Girl Justice League!


Jackson, Mississippi Wins City of the Year!!  

In 2014, this woman (pictured right) told us, "I can't do it.  I can't get women to show up and walk with me!" 


Three years later, hundreds of women showed up to give Cynthia Jackson their "Fannie Lou Hamer Organizer of the Year Award!"  

As City Captain, Cynthia Jackson stayed the course.  She walked alone for months. Carved out her own personal health testimony - losing over 100lbs.  She prayed a lot.  Then, one-by-one, women started to follow her lead.  

Last year, Cynthia make a powerful strategic decision.  She appointed co-captains to lead neighborhood walks every Saturday across the city.  Together, they grew Jackson from a few hundred women to over 5,000 foot soldiers! Today, they have saved more lives and helped more women establish a daily habit of walking than any other city in the country!

For that reason, we celebrated.  

On Saturday, we cried together.  Broke bread, danced, double dutched, hopscotched and lit the entire city of Jackson a-glow.  Want an look inside the block party?  Check out this awesome video and you'll feel the energy of that day!

Love, gratitude and respect to Cynthia, the neighborhood captains, team leaders and thousands of everyday women who declare this year THEIR YEAR for living their healthiest, most fulfilled lives.  Congratulations on the win!

We are wrapping up our end of year awards for the entire country!  If you have nominations, great stories, pictures or personal testimonies, share them with us!

Until then, stay the course!  Just 10 more days of the #GratiudeTrek!

In fullness and love,

Morgan and Vanessa