On Wednesday we woke up in mourning. By Thursday we were back to work. We are sending you this note - a love note and a battle cry all wrapped in one - from Jackson, Mississippi where the entire GirlTrek team is assembled.

We gave ourselves a moment to embrace our fear, to stand in our rage, to let the grief wash over us - then in the tradition of every Black woman who has come before us, we straightened up our backs, took one deep breath of bitter air, paused to ask God for understanding, rolled up our sleeves and got back to business.

We came to Jackson to strategize GirlTrek's next move (next 10 actually, because we stay ready) and to celebrate a beautiful group of GirlTrek organizers, activists and leaders. Women who have set this former confederate state on fire with Black love and healing, rallying thousands of their friends and family to join the GirlTrek movement and lead a health revolution.  We celebrate them this weekend and source from them the inspiration to keep moving in difficult times.

When Angela Davis said, "Revolution is a serious thing, the most serious thing about a revolutionary's life. When one commits oneself to the struggle, it must be for a lifetime."  This is what she meant.

We cannot conjure the names of Harriet or Fannie or Ella or Septima and not know that there will be times likes this. We have to be ready for the long fight.  And so, on Wednesday morning Nicole said goodbye to her 4-month old baby boy and boarded a plane. In the spirit of the great freedom riders, Onika and Jewel gassed up the car and hit the road. I-55N. Carmen packed a Black Girl Justice League survival kit - candles, speakers, baggies full of almonds and nutrient rich sustenance. Angela brought a suitcase full of superhero blue, because...#always. Morgan came with the most important thing of all, the strategic plan for the next 12-months.  I came with love in my heart, too weary for anything else.   

We promise to you as we work today and in the coming weeks and months that our work will continue to be intentional.  We will continue to be bold and brave and courageous and we will continue to press on. 

Thank you for being in this with us. We gonna be alright.


Your sisters, 

Vanessa and Morgan


(Real time scenes from the revolution.)