Vanessa sent me a text message this weekend.  This is what it said:


Two Black families running into each other on the national mall?


Friday was amazing.


...and, can I just tell you something?


God is good.  


We never knew what your faces would look like, but we ALWAYS knew that YOU would be the leaders Black families needed to turn around this health crisis!


We were right!  You turned UP!


To every woman who encouraged, reminded, organized, side-eyed, mobilized, bribed, hounded and tricked a loved-one to walk 3.2 miles outside this Friday, thank you!  Thank you for being on the front lines of the biggest, baddest, brightest, most exciting health movement in America! 

THIS, my friends, is what changemaking looks like!

TO YOU - Misty, Beth, Sharon, Shelly, Cassandra, Pam,...

150 leaders.

150 Black families.

150 registered races.

We started a new health tradition all over the country!!!  

We did that.  High five to every one of you!  

Together, we inspired over 5,000 people to #OptOutside this weekend!


On behalf of the entire national staff and our partners at #REI, we are so deeply moved by your leadership.  


Cornetha in Louisiana wrote:

"I've participated in many walk/run events: Pancreatic Cancer Walk, Fall Crescent City Classic, Susan B. Kormen Race for the Cure, just to name a few; but on Thanksgiving morning, I got a chance to host MY OWN 5K Walk/Run!
Thanks to GirlTrek and a sponsorship by REI Co-Op, I and many of my GirlTrek sisters around the country were able to host our own family 5K walk/run with our customized race bibs. My bibs listed our name, "Francis Family," with my late mother's birthday: 12-17-39."


What an amazing way to end GirlTrek's 2016 Season!

The season officially ends this week.  Sad face.  


(Stay tuned for the 2016 Trek Oscars in the Friday Fire! ) 

...but we couldn't do you like that.  No!  We can't end without a proper and personal goodbye.  SO, we're doing something special this year - and you are invited!  ...a live YouTube broadcast this Wednesday at 8pm ET to tell you how much we love and appreciate you!  Here is the link with a cool countdown!  


Mark your calendar.  


Please join us!


Until then, bask in the beauty of Black families walking: