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March 01 - March 01

Honoring Our Hero!

If we don’t honor our heroes, who will?

Download the complete #WeAreHarriet toolkit here and get started with planning your party and neighborhood walk!

Stop everything and read this out loud. No, really. Right now, the ancestors are calling your name. The universe is speaking to you and this is what you need to hear. Stop now. Take a deep breath. Shut out the noise and read this out loud.

WE ARE a vanguard of healthy and happy Black women and girls! We believe that self-care is a revolutionary act and we walk every day to save our lives. This is our time! This is our call to action.


WE ARE the living, breathing role models that our babies need. Every day we are committed to giving them an example of what joy looks like.


WE ARE our communities best resource. Our collective action will make our streets safer and our neighborhoods healthier.


WE ARE worth it and we believe that walking 5 days a week, 30-minutes a day is a bare minimum. We are not afraid to do the work! Walking is a practice of love, a daily discipline and health tradition.

WE ARE our ancestors' wildest dreams. If the women in the Montgomery Bus Boycotts could walk for justice, we can walk to reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods! We've come too far.

WE ARE HARRIET and if she could walk herself to freedom, we can walk our way to better health. 


MARCH 10-11TH, 2017


WHAT: An annual tradition. Thousands of Black women join GirlTrek in honoring the greatest freedom fighter the world has ever seen. We use this weekend as an opportunity to gather with our friends and family and make commitments to our health.

HOW: By using GirlTrek's fun and easy toolkit to host a Harriet House Party and neighborhood walk. Download it here! 

WHEN: March 10-11th, 2017

This year our goal is to get each woman reading this to host a party on Friday and walk with six of your friends on Saturday.  We want the parties to be small and intentional. Think of six women who don't already know about GirlTrek. Think of the women who you aren't walking with. This is for them. Invite them over to break bread, fellowship, laugh and connect. We guarantee, you will bless a woman who really needs this type of light in her life right now.  

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