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May 01 - June 01


Did you complete the April challenge and earn your golden shoelaces? Make sure to click "Claim the Victory!" 


Once you've done that, it's time to get ready for the Mamathon! 

We don't just talk the talk. We honor our mothers by telling their stories and we also honor them with our action. 


WHAT: 52.4 miles of walking in May. That's twice the distance of a marathon because our mamas and grandmas and aunties go twice as hard for us.


WHEN: May 1 - May 31st.


HOW: You have 31 days to complete your miles. We track everything at GirlTrek on the honor system but if it's helpful you can use the free MapMyWalk app and connect to your profile via the account settings page. Throughout the month, we'll be asking you to submit some fun videos and pictures, selling great Mamathon T-shirts and sharing great memes - see below for some of our faves and share them using #GirlTrek. 


At the end of the challenge you will have the opportunity to claim an official Mamathon race medal!


WHO: You and every Black woman you know! Walk in honor of a woman in your life. Walk because you are a mom and want to honor your motherhood by doing something healthy for yourself. Invite your friends and family to participate with you. This is how we grow the movement and spread joy and healing to the Black women we love! 


Feeling inspired and grateful for the love of the Black women in our lives. 


We walk because they went the distance for us. 


With love, 


Vanessa and Morgan 

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