SOOOO much good news.  So little space in this email. Today, we've outlined:

We've doubled in size since the #28in28 campaign in February.  We are officially 79,000 Black women in 23 cities and growing to even more cities next year!  
Some of our world-class city captains are staying on for another year, and some have given multiple years and will let someone else stand in the light in 2017.  We love them all so dearly, and once a captain - always a captain!  Our most successful cities in the country are Jackson, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans and Chicago!  All of those captains are fired up and ready to double down on a banner year!  

Below is a map of our growth.  Below that, is list of target cities.  

Cities highlighted in yellow need your leadership and love.  We will be interviewing city captains to serve in those cities for the 2017 season.
If you would like to be considered  - or know an awesome woman with rallying power, radiance and reliability - please nominate yourself or her using this NOMINATION FORM by next Monday, November 7th.


GirlTrek is looking for 2017 City Captains for the cities highlighted below:


The #1 Church in the Country Has Spoken! 
Drum roll pa--lease! bbbbbmmbbb  bmbbbmbbmbb
(that's me typing a drum roll lol) 

The winners of the 2016 National Church Walking Challenge is...The Praying-ist, Walking Warrior-ist, Most Sanctified, Filled and Fired Up Street Soldiers in the Country, are... wait for it ...they are not in Jersey this year, nah...not in Michigan. ...not in California.  THIS year's winner ...hails from the sunny state of Florida ...with 30 active members, young girls, sassy saints and seasoned seniors ... working together to earn an astounding 424 points!!!  
The winner of the national church challenge is ...
The New Mt. Moriah African Methodist Episcopal Church's Faith Trekkers in Jacksonville, Florida!!!! 
We are so grateful for their spiritual leadership, shining example of teamwork and for the love and dedication of their team leader Sharon Rashad.  Congratulations.  We can't wait for you to receive your trophy!

* Honorable mention:  Second place runners up were the 2014 champions at Progressive Church of God in Christ in Sacrament with 404 points! Great job!!







The US Surgeon General Got Served!  

Under the leadership of newest all-star on the national team, Carmen Harris, 42 teams competed nationally in the #StepitUp Challenge in partnership with the U.S. Surgeon General's Office!   We are still calculating the winner!  It's a tight race between GirlTrek's top teams! ALL GirlTrek teams performed against the country with 7 GirlTrek Teams placing in the top 10% of walkers in the whole flipping country!!!
32 of 40 GirlTrek Teams walked over 1 million steps in two weeks!! 

Here's our top ranked teams, so far:

1. Monica's GirlTrek Team in Mississippi
2  Tess' GirlTrek Team in Mississippi 
3  Tayyeba's GirlTrek Team in Georgia
4  Erika's GirlTrek Team in Louisiana
5. Tonya's GirlTrek Team in Louisiana  
6. Leena's GirlTrek Team in Georgia
7. Gladys' GirlTrek Team in Louisiana 


Congratulations you all on representing our movement!  For all who participated, please get this survey in so that your team can qualify for the grand prize!




Essence Magazine voted #BlackGirlJusticeLeague Top 10! 
GirlTrek is doing some of the most progressive "walk to the polls" organizing in the country.  If you haven't read their article, it's here.  We had a powerful training call for women leading #BlackGirlJusticeLeague crusades in their neighborhoods on November 8th.  If you missed that call, contact and she can get you caught up.  Some of you could not, would not wait until the 8th!  No way!  In fact, the group of GirlTrek friends below in New Orleans were on the news two days ago for hiring a brass band and parading to the polls  to cast their early votes. I can't wait to see a sea of superheroes voting on November 8th!




gratitudeGratitude is a dish best served warm! 

Today is Day 15 of the 40-Day Gratitude Trek.  How you doing?  How are those #GratitudeGrams coming along?  It has been transformative in my own life and I've watched Vanessa really blossom from her personal commitment!

I hope this challenge has brought perspective and joy to your life.  Each day we walk.  We take stock of our lives, slow down and count our blessings.  After our walk, we write a heartfelt thank you letter or #GratitudeGram to anyone who is making the world better.  

Talynua, neghborhood captain from Sactown blessed us with this victory bridge photo carrying her daughter during the challenge.  Shout out to her and all of the volunteers who fuel this movement with their love.


outsideSpend time, not money this Black Friday!  
How many times have you set the alarm at 4am on Black Friday to elbow your way to the section of the store that you didn't need to be in to get something on sale that you really didn't need to spend money that you really didn't have?  You got GOT!  This year, we are saying nah to the nonsense and yes to a new tradition!  Black Friday is official the new Black Holiday, when Black Families host Super-Black family traditions like a fun and spirited Family 5K.  There it is, we just appropriate, rebranded and flipped a corporate holiday into a Pre-Kwanzaa love fest!  Bam.  You in?  Here are the rules.  Your family must do something fun together!  It must be outside in the fresh air.  It must be healthy and physical - like a Roscoe Jenkins-style obstacle course.  We invited 100 Black families to lead the way with us (and of course 150 families signed up in one day!) These trailblazers will lead a Family 5k, print race bibs, award a medal and share their single best victory photo using #GirlTrek and #OptOutside.  If you want to join them, the details are here.
So much goodness all around.  Feeling full, honored and blessed.
As always, if you need anything - we are here.
Morgan and Vanessa