Welcome to GirlTrek. This is where your health journey begins. We’ve thought about ALL of the ways to make exercise fun and get results. Each month, we issue exciting walking challenges to help you get off the couch! Together, we work up a sweat, wear cute gear and visit beautiful places – all while dropping the pounds and filling our lives with joy. GirlTrek has already paid off for thousands of sisters. We’re excited that you are joining us on this journey!

See below to get a complete list of this year’s Monthly Challenges.

February - March
February & March

Grassroots Organizing

Go Tell It On the Mountain! In the great organizing tradition of Ella Baker, Septima Clark, Fannie Lou Hamer, Diane Nash, Rosa Parks and the countless unnamed foot soldiers who stood on the frontlines for justice, we commit to spreading the word about the GirlTrek movement.
February Challenge
Feb 1: Grassroots Organizing
Black History Month Celebration!
Grab your clipboards and take to the streets of your neighborhood, wear your GirlTrek shirt to a local Black History Month event, host a table at your local church or simply write a social media post inviting all of your friends to join the movement. This month we celebrate our rich culture and heritage by finding every opportunity to tell someone about GirlTrek. No action is too small!
March Challenge
Mar 10: Official Season Kickoff!
#WeAreHarriet Weekend Celebration
If Harriet could walk to freedom, we can walk to better health. Each year we kickoff our season with a celebration of our hero, Harriet Tubman. Thousands of women across the country celebrate Harriet Tubman's birthday weekend by hosting "Harriet House Parties" on Friday and neighborhoods walks on Saturday. It's a simple fun way to gather with your friends and loved ones. By the end of the weekend the goal is to have an official support crew and trek team started, with at least one walk scheduled on the GirlTrek calendar before the end of the month!
April - June
April, May & June

Spring Training

Welcome to Spring Training! It’s time to go hard for your health. For the next three months we will gradually increase our mileage, improve our endurance and smash some big time goals!
April Challenge
Apr 1: #ActivismApril
Jumpstart Your Health & Improve Your Community!
It’s time for a fun, scavenger hunt style challenge. Your mission is to complete 20 treks in 30 days from GirlTrek’s Jumpstart challenge. As you walk we want you to pay attention to the things you see in your neighborhood. At the end of the challenge submit your completed Jumpstart challenge, along with your best idea for improving your neighborhood, for a chance to win 1 of 10 $1000 community improvement prizes. Even if you don’t win the $, you will earn an official pair of golden shoelaces, shipped directly to your home!
May Challenge
May 1: #Mamathon
In her honor
Go the distance to honor a woman in your life by walking a "Mamathon" which is 52.4 miles in May. That's TWICE the distance of a marathon because our mamas, aunties and grandmas always go TWICE as hard for us!
June Challenge
Jun 1: #GetFree
Get free from the things that make you sick!
This Month’s Challenge is a new twist on an old tradition! To celebrate Juneteenth, Take GirlTrek’s “Freedom Pledge” and #GetFree from something that makes YOU sick. Soda? Sugar? A bad relationship? Credit Cards? Alcohol? Sex? Fast Food? Complaining? Salt? Fried Food? Gossip? Cigarettes? Red Meat? Commit to walk, run or hike 100-miles in the month of June and replace your unhealthy habit with something that's good for your mind, body and soul.
July - August
July & August

Summer Takeover

GirlTrek inspires women to take wild, beautiful leaps into the great abyss of healthy living! We are fearless - from rock climbing to archery, to beautiful hikes in national parks - we spend the summer months learning new things and seeking out activities that fill us with joy. This year, our newly expanded Summer Trek Series will include a series of free classes, activities and local hikes lead by certified GirlTrek volunteers in select cities.
July Challenge
Jul 1: GirlTrek #Remix!
Add a little fun and adventure to your life!
You’ve hustled all spring. Now it’s time to mix it up! This month we seek out fun activities and try new things with GirlTrek’s Remix challenge. From yoga, to tennis to bike riding, the options are endless! Need ideas? Check GirlTrek’s national calendar for free events and local hikes lead by certified GirlTrek volunteers in your city. *Select cities only.
August Challenge
Aug 1: Advocacy August
#BlackGirlJusticeLeague Activate!
Black women, as a voting block, are a key constituency! From police violence to reproductive rights, our issues matter! Each August we direct our GirlTrek power into supporting issues that help create healthier black families and communities.
September - November
September, October & November

Fall Service

Each year, we enter this season reveling in all we’ve accomplished so far--grassroots organizing, ramping up our activity levels, taking in all that nature offers--and prepare to delve deeper into habit formation, centering ourselves, and prioritizing the manifestation of #BlackGirlHealing and #BlackGirlJoy in our lives. As the days shorten, we ask that your commitment to #SelfCare lengthen and deepen. You’re worth it.
September Challenge
Sep 1: Monthly Challenge
Self Care September
To kickoff the season of service, we encourage you to put your own oxygen mask on first. We are engaging in everyday acts of self-love--as an outright resistance against disease and pain. Each of us will start tiny little rebellions against stress so that we can retrain our minds and hearts on goodness, wholeness, light. WE ARE WORTH IT.
Prayer Trek Challenge
Oct 1-9:
9-Day Prayer Trek & National Church Challenge
The Bible says, “the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23). For 9 days, we practice those virtues! We invite churches to rally as many women as possible to put feet to their prayers and to be “walking witnesses” that their bodies are temples! GirlTrek hosts a high-energy national walking competition that centers on turning inward and reflecting on the connection between a spiritual life and physical health.
October-November Challenge
40-Day Gratitude Trek
Every year, it’s our commitment to turn in. To recommit to daily walking. To give thanks publicly for the overflow of blessings in our lives. It’s GirlTrek’s biggest challenge of the year--the 40-Day Gratitude Trek: 40 walks. 40 acts of gratitude. 40 days
#OptOutside Challenge
Nov 24: #OptOutside & End of Season Celebration!
Black Family 5ks!
Imagine your babies, your aunties, uncles and all your around-the-way cousins coming together for family fun to walk through the neighborhood! Each year we skip the Black Friday madness and invite our families to participate in post-Thanksgiving neighborhood walks, complete with customizable race bibs, GirlTrek shirts and race medals!