Somebody better sound the alarm. This is not a drill. The revolution has come straight to our doorsteps and we are ready.The GirlTrek national team is officially back in the office and our first order of business was a checklist of items that we're going to need for the resistance, that list includes: 


  • The baddest national staff on the planet
  • A volunteer corps of ride or dies
  • A plan of action to rally 500,000 by the end of the year.
  • A bible
  • Brand new partners (can we say Lane Bryant, Centric #StayTuned)
  • Healing traditions and rituals passed down from our ancestors
  • A calendar full of challenges, events and trainings.
  • The Jumbo size bottle of Jamaican Castor Oil
  • A new newsletter format #TuesdayTestimonies
  • A brand new online store
  • A subscription to Essence and Ebony
  • A desk drawer full of sage
  • More opportunities for women to lead in the movement
  • A direct line to Oprah (Speaking life!)



We’re calling this list A Black Girls Guide to The Resistance aka GirlTrek’s Checklist For Radical Action and Healing in 2017. If you have items that we need to add to the list, tweet us using #GirlTrek, then get ready for our first official #TuesdayTestimony coming February 7th.  We’ll be sharing some exciting plans for the year!


What a time to be a Black woman, caped up in superhero blue and ready for action!


We love you!


Vanessa and  Morgan