Grassroot Organizers'


Team Leader Field Guide and Current campaign materials

New to GirlTrek? Get started by using this link to download GirlTrek's 30-day Jumpstart Challenge to earn your golden shoelaces and use this link to download the complete 2016 calendar. If you are a new team leader, make sure to read through our awesome Field Guide here for everything you need to know about leading a GirlTrek team. 

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Download one of these Flickr pictures for your new flyer or Flickr allows you to set all the pictures on a rotating slide show. Please note that you must get prior permission to use GirlTrek photographs if you are not an organizer or if you will use for formal presentations.

Inspiring video and presentations

Making a presentation about GirlTrek? Download this  general organizer power point. We also have tons of inspiring videos to share! We like to use this NationSwell video and some people like to use Morgan's personal video testimony as well. Feel free to use any of the videos on GirlTrek's YouTube Channel to make presentations, etc.  

Become a member of the paparazzi

We Love great photographs. Start tagging your very best pictures using #GirlTrek on Instagram and social media. Need help taking or selection great shots? Here are some Tips for Taking GirlTrek Pictures.

Post flyers around the neighborhood

Many women make their own flyers using or other free design platforms. You can always use this handy-dandy General GirlTrek Flyer.

Make your own materials

To do that, you'll need the GirlTrek logo. Please use it responsibly! Thousands of beautiful women work for and stand behind this brand!