Tuesday Testimony: Announcing GirlTrek U

Posted by – July 18, 2017


Always doing the most!  

Today GirlTrek is in the middle of its most successful season to-date. More than 100,000 women are walking with us right now (or jumping rope, or riding bikes or surfing - shout out to everyone doing the July Remix Challenge!) 

Everyday new teams are popping up across the country. New organizers are being trained. New partners and sponsors are reaching out to ask how to support the movement.  We're inching closer and closer to a million views on our TED Talk(!!!) Everyday we get dozens of phone calls and emails from women who have lost weight...gotten off their medication... found joy and a new purpose in life. In Seattle of Saturday 50 mothers wearing GirlTrek t-shirts took the streets on their neighborhood in response to the escalating murders of young black men. In Chicago women took to the streets to honor one of our foremothers, Ida B. Wells, and in New York to recruit more women. In California blue shirts were spotted in Yosemite, and in Atlanta at the top of Stone Mountain. In Houston, Charleston and Detroit - mothers walked with daughters and sons.  Just writing this brings tears to our eyes. It's working.

Tuesday Testimony: 5 Sweaty Selfies

Posted by – July 11, 2017


Ah, so many inspiring pictures rolling in.  Here are just a few that grabbed our attention on social media this week.  I hope they inspire you to get in the game! Somebody reading this email will win a free vacation to the Stress Protest in just three weeks! The competition is hot!

5 Fun #GirlTrekRemix Photos:


 Hailey, Houston, TX

TLC was right, sticking to "the rivers and the lakes that you're used to" is whackity-whack!  Hailey went chasing waterfalls last week! ...and you better believe she took her #GirlTrek shirt with her!  Represent!


Baby-Girl, Detroit, MI

Check lil ma out in Detroit this weekend getting her rock climb on!  Shout out to Chrys and Robin for leading a whole crew of baby-girls on an adventure!TT_3.jpg

Faye, St. Louis, MO
Thou shalt reconnect with thy inner child. Double Dutch, kickball, foot races. Faye out there teaching us the commandments! lol  #GirlTrekRemix

...and last, but not least.  PLEASE don't let one of these two knuckleheads (GirlTrek's co-founders), steal all the glow!  They are on their very own, super personal joy journeys and inspiring us along the way.  Neither have missed a day of the #GirlTrekRemix!

Vicious V, Washington, DC

Vanessa out there making waves.  Brand new to kayaking and can't knock the hustle.  She wrote, "How I'm living! #ancestorswildestdream #fortheculture #girltrekremix!"


Morgan Fairchild, Dirty Jersey!

Leaning to the side, but you can't speed through, two miles an hour, so everybody sees you!  Morgan, in New Jersey got her helmet game on 11. lol


...none of these women have won the big prize yet.   No!  In fact, we are JUST getting started!  This is just a little inspiration for you.  

So if YOU are that sister at home who needs some fresh air and would LOVE a free vacation, we want you to win!  Size up the competition! 

You got this.  

Dust off your camera phone!  You can still win!  Post your very best exercise photo every day to Twitter using #GirlTrekRemix!  We will pick our favorite picture (hint: you should wear your GirlTrek shirt if you can!) and award a "Queen of the Remix" award for a free vacation to the 2017 Stress Protest!

What's a #StressProtest you ask? It's a radical self-care experience. It's the girls trip you've always wanted to plan. It's the ultimate retreat experience where 500 Black women from around the country will come together for boundless joy, sisterhood and adventure.  If you don't win the photo contest, you can still round up your squad and book this affordable vacation NOW at 


It's anybody's prize to win!

We want to see your pictures out there sweating, hula hooping, double dutching, rock climbing, rolling skating, tennis playing, low-riding on your bikes (We see you Slow Roll Detroit!)  - finding your innermost glow and inspiring the world to do the same!

The #GirlTrekRemix is underway baby! 

For the newbies to the GirlTrek community - Wecome!! The Remix is 31 days of energetic, lively, physical activities that will have you  stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new fitness activities.

For the GirlTrek O.G.s - we see you! Living it up, being bold and beautiful as you experiment with all manner of enjoyment from sky-diving to mountain hiking. Your pictures and Boomerang videos (my personal fav) give me life. They push and inspire us to be about the business of radical self-care, #BlackGirlHealing and remind us to do something just for the pure fun of it.

Keep all your #GirlTrekRemix images coming! 


Because we are looking for the most memorable, standout, epic shots and that person can win an all-expense paid trip to join GirlTrek's first-ever #StressProtest this Labor Day weekend in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

It's easy to participate. All you have to do is download the challenge and follow these three steps:

  1. Walk or choose a remix activity from the list provided, every day in July.
  2. Use the provided calendar to track your activity. At the end of the month upload a picture of your calendar to GirlTrek.org to claim your victory. 
  3. To enter to win the free #StressProtest vacation share your very best action shots using #GirlTrekRemix on Twitter. At the end of the challenge we will vote on the best photo. The more photos you submit, the better your chances of winning.

SO IMPORTANT WE'RE SAYING IT TWICE: The ONLY way to be considered is to share your pictures on Twitter using the hashtag #GirlTrekRemix. If you don't have a Twitter account, then you should create one. This is definitely worth it.

Can't wait to see ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS this week!

May the flyest woman win!

Eager Beaver,

jewel bush

National Director of Communication 


Tuesday Testimony: 10 Summer Commandments

Posted by – June 27, 2017


Did you do it? Did you walk 100-miles in June? You have until Friday to meet the goal. Once you do, make sure you go here to claim your victory.

Tuesday Testimony: Cutest baby pictures...

Posted by – June 20, 2017


"... A little child shall lead them."

 This Tuesday Testimony is dedicated to the girls who are leading this movement. Inspired by their mothers, grandmothers and caretakers, Youth Organizers are on the rise!  You know what James Baldwin said, "Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they've never failed to imitate them!"  Cheers to all the sister out there who are showing their daughters what radiance looks like! 

Here's a roll call of adorable faces we "Spotted on (the) Streets!  #SOS

Tuesday Testimony: Halfway to Freedom

Posted by – June 14, 2017


We're halfway through our 100-mile #GetFree challenge for June. This is when we start to dig deep and give it all we've got. We know how high the stakes are and who is depending us. But not everyone does. Someone this weekend asked us,” well are women in GirlTrek really walking, or are they just...." You get it. The streets are talking and folks want to know. Are we walking the walk or just talking the talk? Are we putting in work or just taking cute selfies in our blue shirts?

Tuesday Testimony: #StressProtest Vacation Announcement + June Reminder!!!!

Posted by – June 06, 2017


This Labor Day...

Mark your calendars now.

To commemorate the thousands of years of labor that Black women have given to world, to pay tribute to the sweat equity that OUR foremothers invested in building the very fabric of this country, GirlTrek is staging the largest, first-ever #StressProtest in the history of America!  We won't work.  Not THIS Labor Day.

Tuesday Testimony: This is Black Motherhood

Posted by – May 30, 2017


A Mamathon reflection from GirlTrek National Communications Director, Jewel Bush.  

Tuesday Testimony: Hugs and Bigs Ups to Graduates!!

Posted by – May 23, 2017


You did it!

Congratulations and LOTS of love to each and every graduate in the GirlTrek community - from the baby-soldiers who aced kindergarten to the big, bad graduate students who are ready for the world!  We've seen the pictures and we love and support you. 

Tuesday Testimony: The Most Powerful Solution

Posted by – May 16, 2017



Mothers walking with their daughters: A solution brought to you by GirlTrek!

Tuesday Testimony: For Black Girls in Mourning

Posted by – May 09, 2017


In anticipation of Mother's Day. A love letter to Black girls in mourning.