Tuesday Testimony: For Maxine Waters

Posted by – March 28, 2017

Today's Tuesday Testimony is dedicated to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Today, responding to a powerful speech that Maxine Waters gave on the House floor about the need to stand for real democracy in this country, Bill O'Reily said "I couldn't hear a word she said. I was looking at her James Brown wig. If we have a picture of James, it's the same wig." Fox News then proceeded to run a series of pictures of Congresswoman Maxine Waters wearing different hairstyles. 
We paused today in the GirlTrek office, in between writing grants and discussing strategy, we paused to watch the video. We allowed the hostility of the video to seep into the room. We sat for a moment with the disrespect, and then, like Auntie Maxine would want us to do, we got back to work. 
Why? "Because what's shade when you're twirling in the sun."

Tuesday Testimony: Latasha from New Orleans

Posted by – March 21, 2017


This is less of a Tuesday Testimony and more of a praise report. 

This is a shout down the devil - go tell it on the mountaintop - because I feel so good I just have to TESTIFY report. We need a tambourine for this. 

We need someone to call the CDC, maybe call our friends at the U.S. Surgeon General's office and remind them that nobody is out here saving more lives on the daily than GirlTrek. 

Ready for the Revolution

Posted by – February 01, 2017

Somebody better sound the alarm. This is not a drill. The revolution has come straight to our doorsteps and we are ready.The GirlTrek national team is officially back in the office and our first order of business was a checklist of items that we're going to need for the resistance, that list includes: 

Join Us in Washington, DC

Posted by – December 12, 2016


Date:   December 12, 2016


Contact: Jewel Bush, National Director of Communications

(202) 681-3033jewel@girltrek.org


GirlTrek Presents a Day of #BlackGirlHealing on Inauguration Day
"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare."
 - Audre Lorde 

(Washington, D.C. - December 12, 2016) 

We have a health crisis in America and nowhere is the toll greater than with African-American women and girls.

Black women die younger and at higher rates than any other group of women in America.  African-American women score worse, across most health indicators, than any other subgroup in the U.S; 82% of Black women are currently overweight and 53% are morbidly obese (CDC, 2014); and 95% of African-American girls, ages 6-11, will be overweight or obese women by 2034 unless diet and activity levels change (Garko, Michael, The Journal of Obesity, 2013).

In this context, as the country prepares to welcome a new administration amid an increasingly stressful political climate, many Black women anticipate that sweeping policy shifts, unfriendly legislative appointments and changes in government spending will further put their health and the health of their communities in peril.  As the largest health nonprofit serving Black women and girls in the country, GirlTrek is committed to providing support to Black women while working within this uncertain political climate to actively improve their lives through direct programming, leadership development, and community advocacy.

As a public action in support of this work, GirlTrek will stage a day of #BlackGirlHealing on Inauguration Day in Washington, DC. This event will welcome Black women from across the country into a safe place where they can unplug, de-stress, participate in open dialogue, and learn practical strategies of self-care.


The Big Finish!

Posted by – December 05, 2016

"Me and you be sisters." - Lucille Clifton 


It's officially the off-season!


We've been grinding since February. It's been nonstop hustle. Now it's time to fill the Well back up.  For the next six week the GirlTrek staff will be engaged in radical acts of self-care. That means time with family, plenty of rest and, of course, a few good adventures! Now as we prepare to start our annual break there's only three things left to do:


1.  Say Thank you: We are blessed with a village of supporters, partners, volunteers and trekkers that dedicate countless hours, precious time and valuable resources to this movement. There are no real words to express how grateful we are for this community. In times of doubt or struggle, you have lifted us up. We hope that as we celebrate the milestone of this year that you are as proud as we are of the work that we are doing together.


I Ran into a Black Family 5K on the National Mall!

Posted by – November 28, 2016

Vanessa sent me a text message this weekend.  This is what it said:


Two Black families running into each other on the national mall?


Friday was amazing.


...and, can I just tell you something?


God is good.  


We never knew what your faces would look like, but we ALWAYS knew that YOU would be the leaders Black families needed to turn around this health crisis!


We were right!  You turned UP!


Thanksgiving with Black Families

Posted by – November 18, 2016

We're just one week away from a major takeover of Black Friday! Hundreds of GirlTrek families are choosing to #OptOutside by hosting a Family 5K. After eating all of the greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes (come through Shirley Caesar!) they'll be starting a new family tradition by working up a sweat and having some post-Thanksgiving fun and bonding time. There's still plenty of time for you to join in on the action.  Just pick a time, a convenient location in your neighborhood or local park, tell your family it's going down and download and print your customizable race bibs here.


Essence Magazine with Denzel & Viola!

Posted by – November 14, 2016


GirlTrek is featured in this month's Essence Magazine!


UNITED STATES - November 14, 2017 -  You just might find sisters praise dancing, body rolling and applying fresh coats of lipgloss all across this great country!  Why?  Because Essence Magazine just featured GirlTrek in a full-page spread!!!!!!!   Baby BAAABY!!!

The December issue just hit stands!

It's the issue with Denzel Washington (Heeeey Denzel) and Viola Davis on the cover. 

Here's a sneak peek:


Happening Right Now

Posted by – November 11, 2016

On Wednesday we woke up in mourning. By Thursday we were back to work. We are sending you this note - a love note and a battle cry all wrapped in one - from Jackson, Mississippi where the entire GirlTrek team is assembled.

We gave ourselves a moment to embrace our fear, to stand in our rage, to let the grief wash over us - then in the tradition of every Black woman who has come before us, we straightened up our backs, took one deep breath of bitter air, paused to ask God for understanding, rolled up our sleeves and got back to business.

We came to Jackson to strategize GirlTrek's next move (next 10 actually, because we stay ready) and to celebrate a beautiful group of GirlTrek organizers, activists and leaders. Women who have set this former confederate state on fire with Black love and healing, rallying thousands of their friends and family to join the GirlTrek movement and lead a health revolution.  We celebrate them this weekend and source from them the inspiration to keep moving in difficult times.

End of Season Awards!

Posted by – November 04, 2016

The year is nearly over and it's time to celebrate the women of GirlTrek! 


The fearless leaders... 

The biggest transformations... 

The best news stories...

The hypest teams...