Tuesday Testimony: This is Black Motherhood

Posted by – May 30, 2017


A Mamathon reflection from GirlTrek National Communications Director, Jewel Bush.  

Tuesday Testimony: Hugs and Bigs Ups to Graduates!!

Posted by – May 23, 2017


You did it!

Congratulations and LOTS of love to each and every graduate in the GirlTrek community - from the baby-soldiers who aced kindergarten to the big, bad graduate students who are ready for the world!  We've seen the pictures and we love and support you. 

Tuesday Testimony: The Most Powerful Solution

Posted by – May 16, 2017



Mothers walking with their daughters: A solution brought to you by GirlTrek!

Tuesday Testimony: For Black Girls in Mourning

Posted by – May 09, 2017


In anticipation of Mother's Day. A love letter to Black girls in mourning.

Tuesday Testimony: We Are The Daughters Of...

Posted by – April 26, 2017

We are the daughters of...

Fierce warriors, powerful organizers, women who got up everyday and made a way out of no way in order that we could survive.

Yesterday on the TED stage, in front of a powerful global audience that included Shonda Rhimes, Richard Branson, Al Gore and Bill Gates, we told the world that our foremothers held the secrets to how to save the world and that they passed those secrets down to us.

It looked something like THIS! 

Tuesday Testimony: We're Rooting for You!

Posted by – April 11, 2017


11 days in to GirlTrek's 30-day Jumpstart challenge and we have 11 great examples of why GirlTrek is a campaign for healing and not a fitness organization. We've always said that this is so much more than walking. This is lifesaving - life affirming - personal work. And yes, it starts for many women with a simple (but hard to earn!) pair of golden shoelaces.

If you need some inspiration to hustle towards the finish line of the challenge, here it is. 11 treks from the past 11 days. If you still need the list, get it here. If you didn't start on the 1st of the month, don't worry. Start where you are. Use what you have. You can still do it, just like the women below. 
We're rooting for you! [And hustling to earn our own laces!]
Vanessa and Morgan

Tuesday Testimony: Thank God!

Posted by – April 04, 2017


Okay, I can NOT stop singing  this song!!!

Go ahead and play it.  It's like our theme song lol.

"Upside down you're turning me
You're giving love instinctively!"

We did that!  We turned this whole dang movement upside down!  
(Shook sh*t up! lol)
Vanessa and I said, "Hey, ya'll.  How about this?  'Ain't no more titles.  No more captains.  No more stress.  No hierarchy...  
What if we ALL hit them streets! And walked for our lives?"
You was like,
"You ain't said NOTHING but a word!"
You rolled up your sleeves, took your earrings off, put vaseline on your face...
(see I'm seriously emotional now.)
You showed UP on Saturday!

Thank you!

Tuesday Testimony: For Maxine Waters

Posted by – March 28, 2017

Today's Tuesday Testimony is dedicated to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Today, responding to a powerful speech that Maxine Waters gave on the House floor about the need to stand for real democracy in this country, Bill O'Reily said "I couldn't hear a word she said. I was looking at her James Brown wig. If we have a picture of James, it's the same wig." Fox News then proceeded to run a series of pictures of Congresswoman Maxine Waters wearing different hairstyles. 
We paused today in the GirlTrek office, in between writing grants and discussing strategy, we paused to watch the video. We allowed the hostility of the video to seep into the room. We sat for a moment with the disrespect, and then, like Auntie Maxine would want us to do, we got back to work. 
Why? "Because what's shade when you're twirling in the sun."

Tuesday Testimony: Latasha from New Orleans

Posted by – March 21, 2017


This is less of a Tuesday Testimony and more of a praise report. 

This is a shout down the devil - go tell it on the mountaintop - because I feel so good I just have to TESTIFY report. We need a tambourine for this. 

We need someone to call the CDC, maybe call our friends at the U.S. Surgeon General's office and remind them that nobody is out here saving more lives on the daily than GirlTrek. 

Ready for the Revolution

Posted by – February 01, 2017

Somebody better sound the alarm. This is not a drill. The revolution has come straight to our doorsteps and we are ready.The GirlTrek national team is officially back in the office and our first order of business was a checklist of items that we're going to need for the resistance, that list includes: