New Charter Members!

Posted by – October 21, 2016

Do you know what we're most grateful for?  For being Black women  - right now - during this particular time in history -  when so many of us are bossing up and getting shi** done.
Black women are woke. Unapologetic. Proud. Determined. And ready for action.
During Wednesday night's Presidential Debate, we witnessed this magic in real time.  We put out the call for 100 crusaders to lead election day walks as part of the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague and you better believe that we - YOU - made it happen.
Below is a list of women who refused to stand down, who agreed to pick up the baton from Fannie and Sojourner and Ida, and keep the fight for justice going. They are the charter members of the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague and on November 8th they will be leading walks to the polls with GirlTrek.  If you are fired up by our call to action, it's not to late to put an Election Day walk on our national map. Read here for the instructions. 
We are so thankful that you are squad.  If we're talking teams, or picking sides [cue up Drake] then baaaaby - GirlTrek is it.  We are the hopes and dreams of every organizer, freedom fighter, justice marcher who ever lived and we can't think of better women to stand on the front lines with.

A Village of Sisterhood

Posted by – October 17, 2016

The picture above woke me up this morning.

Sometimes I check my Facebook timeline before I brushed my teeth.

...especially on Mondays, because there's a flood of inspiration from the weekend.  

This picture was special. It's from a celebration for Angela Little.  Angela took the GirlTrek pledge exactly a year ago - and get this - has not missed one day of walking since. She has walked 365 days and lost 60 pounds.  Her friend Carla said:

"There truly aren't words that describes what I witnessed tonight! Sisters near and far came out to celebrate Angela's 365th day of walking!! It was simply MAGIC!!!"

Then she found the words; she ended by saying, 

"The Village of Sisterhood looks like this."


Carla's words touched me.  The "village of sisterhood."

I've been paying attention to words lately.  Preparing my heart and mind for the biggest walking + words challenge of the year: The 40-Day Gratitude Trek.


It begins today.  40 walks. 40 thanks you notes. 40-days.


The Biggest Challenge of the Year

Posted by – October 14, 2016



the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Every year it's our commitment to turn in. To recommit to daily walking. To publicly give thanks for the overflow of blessings in our lives. We call it the 40-Day Gratitude Trek, and for the thousands of you who are new to GirlTrek, you're in for something special.


WHAT: GirlTrek's biggest challenge of the year: 40 walks + 40 thank you notes in 40 days.


WHEN: Monday, October 17th - Friday November 25th, 2016The season of THANKSgiving.  Traditionally we walk for the 40-days leading up to Thanksgiving Day. This year we will end on Black Friday (henceforth to be known as Blue Friday.)


HOW: Everyday - no breaks - no excuses - we commit to walk at least 30-minutes a day for 40-days straight. 

Claim Your Victory: Prayer Trek 2016!

Posted by – October 10, 2016

You did it!

If you are new to GirlTrek, the picture above is what we call a "victory bridge!"

Every Saturday, we create a receiving line for every sister who finishes her walk!

Today, we hold it up for you - every woman who completed the 9-Day Prayer Trek!

It's time!

Claim your victory HERE!

Send this link to your friends!

We Stay Ready

Posted by – October 07, 2016

Sometime this morning, likely during our Prayer Trek call, where we were receiving a powerful word (if you haven't been calling in, truly you need too), the U.S. Surgeon General's Office issued a national 2-week walking challenge. 


As soon as word got out the emails started to flood in.  "Does GirlTrek know about this?" "Do we have a team?" 




First, do we know about it? Recall this scene from one year ago. That's GirlTrek giving the opening address at the U.S. Surgeon Generals press conference for the "National Call To Action on Walking."  

This challenge is a celebration of that day.  So not only do we know about it, we'd like to think that the stories we shared that day about GirlTrek women across the country changing their lives through walking helped to inspire the idea.   



Second, do we have a team? What's our motto? "If you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready."  We've already recruited 30 of our top team leaders and their teams to represent the GirlTrek movement in this challenge.  We wanted to make sure that while we were enjoying the end of the Prayer Trek that we had our most committed soldiers out on the field preparing to do battle for us.  So yes, GirlTrek is in the challenge and the 30 team leaders (see list below) have committed to showing up and showing out on our behalf. They start October 13th and end October 26th.  Not only will they be walking, they will also be participating in a special "innovation lab" to help us collect important data that we will use to improve our tech platform.  You can cheer them on and send them well wishes.  If you'd like, you can also represent in the Step It Up challenge yourself.  We only ask that if you form a team, please name your team with GirlTrek at the start of the title (ex. GirlTrek Team Rockaway) so that we get the credit for your hustle.



Real-Time Pictures

Posted by – October 03, 2016

Usually, we share shiny pictures.  We roll out the best of the best to curate a powerful GirlTrek experience. But sometimes, when we show you the highlights, we lose something important.  ... the grain, the grit, the hustle, the courage.

So today -  dear cyberspace homies - we are giving you everything! all-access pass, sneak peek, a look under the hood. TODAY, we show you, exactly how GirlTrek is powered and what it looks like from the inside.


This is it. My private News Feed...

Pure, unadulterated healing-in-action.  



This is personal. The women in these pictures have rooted me down and raised me up through the pain of the last few weeks.  #TyreKing, #TerenceCrutcher, #KeithScott, #TawonBoyd

 are magic. They mold rage into revival everyday!



Call Us Tomorrow!

Posted by – September 30, 2016

Sending this message with love and anticipation.


This trek season we've asked you to walk, to audit your communities, to honor your mothers, to #GetFree from the things that make you sick, to find your glow, to get out the vote and to practice self-care. Today, we have the most powerful ask of all - pray with us. Why? Because prayer changes things. "Because we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities."  Because for the last four years - five years - six years (for those of you who've been with us since the beginning) - we prayed.


We prayed that God would order our steps. We prayed that GirlTrek would touch hearts and change lives. We prayed that the lights would stay on, that the resources would come, that this work would connect with the right people at the right time. We prayed for strength to get out of bed on days when all seemed too much. We prayed for our friendship - that we'd never lose sight of what's most important. We prayed for patience, for understanding, for forgiveness and grace. And always, always our prayers were answered.  Everything that GirlTrek is today is the result of God's promises fulfilled. Oh, don't think we don't know. Don't ever worry about us acting brand new. We believe in hard work. We believe in preparation. We believe in our brilliant team of advisors. We believe in our research, our change theory and our financial model.  We also believe that the same God that spoke to Sojourner, protected Ida and guided Harriet - lives in us. We believe in prayer.

Acceptance Speech

Posted by – September 26, 2016


That's me, on the right.

I'm at a tiny church in Flint, Michigan with the homie, the undeniably awesome city captain of Atlanta, Carla.

We were in town organizing a few month ago and the Pastor at Ebenezer Church of God in Christ let me talk on Sunday morning about GirlTrek's million-woman movement!  As I spoke, I made eye contact with 20 or so women in the pews.  They ALL smiled lovingly at me! they were rooting me on.  

GirlTrek is for them! 

I've been thinking a lot about that church lately. 

...wondering if those women are preparing for The 9-Day Prayer Trek.  

In my dreams, I'm there ...helping them get organized, printing the rules, asking them to sign their names on the roster.

Then, on Saturday morning, October 1st, I'd be there.  Just a-smiling in my superhero blue shirt - waiting in the church parking.  I can actually see it.  

Maybe two women would show up on Day 1.  Five women by Day 3.   When the word spread, we'd have EIGHTEEN by the following Saturday!

...and when we win GirlTrek's national church trophy!? 

(Oh yes, we win in my dream!)  

Being Black Is Not a Crime

Posted by – September 24, 2016

Being Black is not a crime.


And 10 other true statements that bear repeating right now.


What's happening in our world will make you go insane if you let it. And because there is no self-care without sanity we've compiled the list of 10 true statements below. This weekend before you head out on your walks, read them, repeat them, remember them.  Carry these truths with you.  And when you see yet another story on the news, yet another hashtag, yet another person trying to justify or explain how a Black man can look like a "bad dude" from all the way up in the sky or how reading a book in you car makes you a threat - go back to these true statements. Start here - being black is not a crime - then keep reading down the list. It's a litany for survival and sanity.  It's 10 true statements that we hope will get you through the madness. 

Trophy for Your Church!

Posted by – September 16, 2016

You know what time it is!!!


Now the question is 

will I ever leave You? 

...and the answer is 

no, no, no, no, no, no

no, no, no, no, no ,no

nooooooooooo, no, no, no!


Remember that song?! 

the best part goes like this...


I'm presenting my body, 

a living sacrifice 

and ALL I'm wanna do 

is the will of Christ..."


Let's get it started!!!!!!!!!


THE 9-DAY PRAYER TREK is going down in 15 days!!!  Get your church ready.  Call friends, round up the choir, call the youth department, challenge the usher board! Dial up a sister from the church up the block, This is a "CHALLENGE!"  It's going down! We've set a goal to get 500 black churches signed up before October 1st!!!