Permission Slip

Posted by – September 12, 2016

"This month I'm engaged in collective action to take lunch breaks, leave on time and practice other not-so-radical acts of self-care."


And it looks like this! Courageous, bold, joyful... #StressProtest



Posted by – September 02, 2016



This email was supposed to go out yesterday but I was "Out of Office" engaged in a #StressProtest.  


It's late.  This email. The monthly challenge.  It was bound to happen one day.  


This is the best possible time for us to drop the ball..  


You see, I couldn't write to you because I went to the dentist, got my blood work done and - and what the hell - went to an acupuncturist for fun.  Morgan could have written the dang email too, but she's just getting back from vacation and let's just say her brain is still in Maine - where people are taking long walks in the cool crisp air, morning dew and golden sunshine.  She has fiddle music playing in the back of her head and ain't got time for y'all.

So these two black girls failed.  lol 


No newsletter.  No walking challenge on September 1st


The good news is that yesterday's epic failure is PERFECT!  




(Wait, Why?)


...because dropping the ball on other people's expectations for OUR lives IS the challenge this month!  


That's right, we're staging a #StressProtest!


Today is our day!!! 


Your DAY!

August Photo Recap

Posted by – August 29, 2016

This is for YOU - every woman who ain't falling for the banana in the tailpipe - a quick, satisfying, grin-inducing recap of our resounding success this month.  THIS is what happens when 70,000 Black women dedicate an entire month to pursuing justice in the streets of their neighborhoods!  


A Quick Recap of #AdvocacyAugust

August 6
We organized a city.  Special invitations went out to the most influential women in Philadelphia - artists, filmmakers, civic leaders, organizers, funders.  We met in a secret location for an old-school teach-in with local volunteers to support a HUUUUGE Takeover of their city next season!  Philly ain't ready. #GirlTrek  


Announcing Our Campus Organizers!

Posted by – August 26, 2016

"It started with two friends, now we're thousands."  


We tell the story all the time. Almost 20-years ago Morgan and I met in Los Angeles as two fresh faced, dreamy eyed college students struggling to manage a full load of classes with full-time jobs and the weighty expectations of being two young black girls who had an unbelievable shot - a shot that most of our family and high school friends and neighborhoods homegirls didn't have - to make it.  Make it where? We didn't know yet. We barely had gas money, let alone an idea of what would lie ahead.   What we did have, however, were praying mamas (who mailed care packages full of clean white underwear from Sears with notes that reminded us to "not be out there acting a damn fool") and a love of history and books and all things Black culture. What we did have was the grit and determination to always keep pushing (and the savvy to know how to work the financial aid office.)  What we also had was each other.  Fast-forward to today and everything that we loved then has turned into the beautiful display that is GirlTrek and today we are in the unbelievable position to get to announce GirlTrek's first class of Campus Organizers! We received over a hundred nominations. There truly wasn't a girl who wasn't deserving. It was nearly impossible to narrow down the field - and it was impossible to pick only 10.  The group we chose is truly amazing. We can't wait to spend a weekend with them next month in Utah! It's going to be the start of something amazing. These young girls have the fire in their belly. GirlTrek better be ready for what they're about to bring! 

Thank You

Posted by – August 22, 2016

After a weekend of record activity - walking and organizing across the country, this is a public thank you to the women who make GirlTrek work. 


GirlTrek is structured to deliver social impact through service and volunteerism. Deeply inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, GirlTrek's success is directly tied to the hundreds of dedicated women who devote countless hours to leading walks, organizing in their communities, sharing information through their networks and using their own personal stories as a source of inspiration and motivation for others.  On any given day our volunteers sacrifice time with their families, give up precious sleep, invest their own dollars and put their personal endeavors on hold to work for the greater good - healthier families, safer streets and more vibrant communities. After being completely overwhelmed with the amount of good news coming from every part of the country this weekend, we said today's Monday Motivation has to be dedicated to these women - the City Captains, Neighborhood Captains and Team Leaders who give life - literally - every time they put on superhero blue.   They put in so much work that it's hard to know where to start the celebration... 

Happening Now!

Posted by – August 19, 2016

Happening Now! #BlackGirlJusticeLeague Activate!

Whatchu' know about the hustle and determination of Black women? You can't tell us that we don't show up for our communities everyday in every way that counts.  Right now there's a crew of #JusticeCrusaders wearing superhero blue out in the streets of Chicago registering people to vote. Shout out to Keinika, Julie and Sue! Today because of their efforts an 88-year-old man registered to vote for the first time. Think about that. Think about those who came before us and put in the same effort and then get to work yourself!  We need you. We want every woman reading this to join the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague and commit to walking people to the polls on election day.How do you join? Just walk 50-miles or register 50-voters or host a pop up registration table in your community before November 8th. Then forward this email to 2-3 women who you know should join you. That's how movements grow! 


"Revolution is not a one-time event. It is becoming always vigilant for the smallest opportunity to make a genuine change." - Audre Lorde 

19 for 19

Posted by – August 15, 2016

This is not a drill.  


Vanessa and I pinky swear to you right here, right now to achieve a personal goal.  We will each register 19 PEOPLE to vote by next Monday!


I'm kinda shaking in my boots!  ...but 

I'm 'bout to be like: 

"Excuse me Ms. Jenkins, are you registered to vote?


"Oh great, I can help you register before the November presidential election! We are canvassing our communities to make sure that all our people are registered to vote!  GirlTrek is a national health nonprofit and we've partnered with Rock the Vote to provide an easy way to register.  It takes 2 minutes and you can do it all from your cell phone! 

  1. Go to  
  2. Under join, select REGISTER TO VOTE
  3. Enter the basics - your name, email address, etc.

That's it!  Your complete forms will be emailed to you.  Just print it, put a stamp on it and voila, you're all set!   We'll even send you a reminder on voting day!"


I'm ready!  

And that ain't it.  This morning, we challenged 10 of our friends to join us!

They said YES!


Follow us this week at #BlackGirlJusticeLeague


...but don't sit on the sidelines!  Please join us!  Let's do it!

89 Days

Posted by – August 12, 2016

"Radical simply means grasping things at the root." - Angela Davis
Until Election Day. What happens then? 50,000 Black women will serve as justice crusaders by walking groups of people to the polls in their communities.  We call it the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague.  How do you qualify to join us? 



Black Women Do It Again

Posted by – August 05, 2016

You registered to vote?  If YES, keep reading! If NO, stop playing:


"We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes." ~ Ella Baker


As mothers, caretakers, teachers, entrepreneurs, ministers, activists, Black women are and have always been on the frontlines of the movement.


"We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes"


Black women are and have always been the ones moving forward the work of social change.


 "Woke up this morning with my mind stayed on freedom"


Black women show up when it matters the most.

How to Join the Black Girl Justice League!

Posted by – August 01, 2016


50,000 Black women will walk to the polls together on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th. It's called The Black Girl Justice League! 

1.  I'm in!  How do I join? 

Start training! Get your weight up! Before Election Day, walk 50 miles, register 50 new voters or host a pop up table the weekend August 18th - that's the day women got the right to vote in 1920! Some women - in true superhero style - will do all three! #BlackGirlJusticeLeague?