Black Women Walk 100 Miles for Freedom

Posted by – June 03, 2016

Subject: Black Women Walk 100 Miles for Freedom


Black Women Walk 100 Miles for Freedom

Watching Roots ain't enough. 

Last year, 15,000 Black walked 100 miles for freedom!  Well, it's going down again right now - and you are invited.  All you need are a pair of sneakers and a LOT of determination! 

This is collective action!  If you are reading this, someone respects you as a leader. Please forward this email to 3 women you know and respect.  This is how movements happen - don't let it stop in your inbox!

We will succeed in 3 easy steps:




Juneteenth is a celebration of freedom in our community!  Let's honor our ancestors by living our healthiest, most fulfilled lives!  How?  A new tradition called The #GetFree Challenge!  For the entire month of June, Black women everywhere will give up one thing that makes us sick and replace it with 100 miles of walking! 

Time to Get Free!

Posted by – June 01, 2016

[Anticipation: Today at 6PM, ET something major is happening with the GirlTrek website.  You'll have to read below for the full details but we we're so excited we decided to put a teaser here.  All we can say is, remember when phones finally got 3-way calling and you could let your friends listen in while you were macking (yes, macking) with the guy you met at the mall? Yup, the GirlTrek website was good but it's getting better!]
It's June 1st. You know what that means? Time to #GetFree!
We've been bound by our unhealthy habits for too long.  It's time to claim freedom! 

Weekend Victory

Posted by – May 28, 2016

#Mamathon Victory Celebration!

In May we set out to honor our mamas, our grandmothers, aunties, sisters - the many women who have stood in the gap for us and loved us into existence.  We set out to honor the women in our life with 52.4 miles of walking and lots of joy and celebration - and BABY!!!! We did that! We did it for our mamas - for the women who greased our scalp and pressed our hair on Sunday mornings, the women who made a way, who were sometimes mom and dad - women who sacrificed everything - women who taught us to pray first and to never give up.


People across the country took notice.  Ebony magazine wrote about it in a full spread here.  "The campaign celebrating healthy Black motherhood is called MAMAthon 2016. In the three years since MAMAthon began, it has become the biggest national walk dedicated to Black mothers in America."


Now that's what it looks like to change the very culture of your community. New traditions that honor the things most important to us through health activity. 


If you haven't already completed your Mamathon miles, welp! Don't do your mama like that!!! Make it count this weekend. Skip the BBQ's, call on Jesus and hit the pavement! Once you're done make sure to let us know you crossed the finish line by completing the "claim the victory" form here. 


Need some inspiration?  See below.  Feel the love and joy radiating from each picture.  This is what the #Mamathon looked like across the country - beautiful - free - joyous - radiant - strong - healthy! 

Friday Fire: the Best Part

Posted by – May 20, 2016

The best part of this journey....
We've been asking women to tell us the best part of their GirlTrek journey as they claim their victory each month.  Last night as I was scrolling through all of the testimonies we've received so far, I lingered on one - "the best part of my journey is the part where I'm first, I'm important." Submitted May 1, 2016 by Donna Stamps in Edwards, MS.

Last Saturday, Donna Stamps a GirlTrek Team Leader, a mother of four, wife and friend to so many, passed away.  We hadn't intended to write about her here, but last night there were her words starring back at me on the screen and it felt like she was speaking for all of us, to all of us.

GirlTrek makes women feel something deep down.  We feel it - we feel important and like we matter -  and then we take that feeling and share it out with others.  In turn, they feel important and like they matter. That's what this movement is. 

Special Edition: 10 Changemakers

Posted by – May 09, 2016

I wish I could tell you just how big of a deal this is.  

If I were a betting women, I would put all my chips on you.

Everyday women.

Vanessa and I barely made it out of college.  I'm praying right now that the bursers office at USC never gets my new phone number.  We are regular women.  Regular.   We STILL argue over Jodeci and Boyz II Men (cough #BoyzIIMen were better.)  We binge watch everything -  Friday Night Lights, Scandal and Breaking Bad.  Regular.  Two friends who met in college, acted a fool in the club, stood as bridesmaids at each others' weddings and cried the ugly cry when someone did us wrong.  You know what I'm saying?  

So as ordinary women we always knew it.

Women are the answer.

We are the leaders, innovators standard-bearers, role models, change-makers who will make all of the difference in Black lives and communities!  If we stand ready, willing and able to serve up that Ida B. Wells-we-shall-not-be-moved-type radiance, nothing can stop us.  If enough of us do it, we can achieve what Sojourner challenged us to do.  We can "turn this world right side up again!"

Live Broadcast Tomorrow!

Posted by – May 05, 2016

What a time to be alive.
Tomorrow afternoon, Friday May 6th at 4PM, ET, you can tune in for a live broadcast from the GirlTrek Facebook page to watch us award $10,000 in seed money to 10 Black women with powerful ideas to make their communities healthier. Why? Because investing in Black women to invest in their communities is the smartest thing we can do. 

Tara, Joy, and Trimella

Posted by – May 02, 2016

It's working.     

Joy and her daughter finished the 30-Day Jumpstart this Saturday. "We did it! Together. We're getting those golden shoelaces!  I'm so excited!"  

Her victory is proof positive that Vanessa was right.  "Mothers ARE the answer." 

Let me explain.   

Back in 2011, I started a hiking program with the girls in my 5th grade class.  Girl + Trek.   (That's where our name comes from.)  I was literally obsessed with a cRaZY statistic that said that HALF of my students, black girls - born in the year 2000 - would get diabetes if levels of exercise and diet stayed the same. It hit me hard -  like a machete through my classroom.    

The treks were wonderful -  girls smiling, laughing, putting their feet in babbling brooks. All that.  Then it happened.  A difficult conversation.   

Vanessa asked, "Is a hiking program really going to move the dial on the health crisis facing Black women and girls?"  The answer was no. We changed course. 

Today, we ask a bolder question.  A question rooted in Black history and collective action, "What would happen if a million Black women took to the streets of their neighborhoods?"


Everything would change!

Mamathon 411

Posted by – April 29, 2016

It's called a MAMAthon. Stop playing.  I'm seriously about to go hard to honor Carol Jean this year! (That's my mama.) For three years, GirlTrek has led a the biggest national walk dedicated to Black mothers in America. For three years, women like you have changed their Facebook profiles to their mother's photo: 


"My mama is the original superhero! This Mother's Day, 60,000 Black women and girls will take to the streets of their neighborhoods as part of a new tradition called a #MAMAthon! A #MAMAthon is twice the distance of a marathon because our mamas go TWICE as hard! To participate, pledge to walk, run or hike 52.4 miles in the month of May.  You can do it! (50 miles ain't nothing compared to the road she traveled for you!) When you succeed, you will be awarded a victory badge for her to share with her friends on social media!  She'll be so proud + your health is a waaaay better gift than flowers!  You ready?!  We got this! Change your profile picture to a woman you love, copy this message and put your sneakers by the door! Be counted at" 


Help spread the word by updating your social media profile today.  Do you think we can make this idea go viral?  #MAMAthon #NewTradition #ForLife #GirlTrek 


Done?  Awesome.   

Now, here is everything you need to know about this year's #MAMAthon:


So Proud of You

Posted by – April 27, 2016


We are so proud of you.  Activism April will officially end this Saturday and it has been BEAUTIFUL to see out there!!  The moment you succeed, I mean as soon as you complete 20 walks, please claim your victory and celebrate with us!

For Our Babies

Posted by – April 22, 2016

Our girls are worth it. 


In the next 9 days you could push to the finish line and complete the 30-day Jumpstart challenge.  We know you can.  In doing so you would qualify for our #ActivismApril drawing and could win $1,000 to invest in a great idea to help make your community healthier. 


That great idea could be a girl. Our girls are worth investing in. 

  • Her cheer squad finally getting uniforms is worth investing in.
  • The park she plays in finally getting cleaned up is worth investing in.
  • The church she attends being able to put on a health fair is worth investing in.
  • The school she attends being able to put on a school play is worth investing in.
  • The neighborhood that she lives in finally getting a community garden is worth investing in. 
  • Her college education is worth investing in. 
  • The rec center where she play everyday after school getting a beautiful new mural is worth investing in. 

But you can't invest in her unless you invest in yourself.  You are THIS close to finishing but your commitment is wavering. Don't let it!