Don't Call It a Comeback!!

Posted by – February 28, 2016

"I want to write a poem like Martin preached, like Malcolm taught, like Fannie evangelized, like Harriet healed...(whereas 'write a poem' may be interchanged for walk, heal, love life, laugh.) - Wanda Olugbala, GirlTrek Detroit


Don't call it a comeback!
Before Hollywood and the movie...
before the petitions and the $20 bill...
before the national park...
the OpEds...
before asking permission or considering the risk (too radical, too Black)...
before stepping foot in the White House...
before the buzz and the press...
before we were 50,000 women strong...
When all we knew was that if she could do it  - walk - make a way - find freedom - so could we. 


Real-Time Photos from the Streets

Posted by – February 23, 2016

We asked you to inspire ONE WOMAN per day and you are doing it!!!   We see you using #GirlTrek to celebrate #BlackGirlHealing for #28in28!  Success! And guess what?  We are only 725 women away from FIFTY THOUSAND!!!!

Our "Fanniversary" is February 29th.  Yep, I just made that word up. A Fanniversary is the day we will celebrate 60,000.  It's the day that we give a "high five" to collective work!   We honor Fannie Lou by matching her success and inspiring 60,000 Black women and girls to take action!  We have 8 days to win.  Eight days.  Dig deep.  Big breath!

Have you inspired 28 women yet?  You can still do it  I know I still have work to do!  I just looked at my public profile at and it says that I've inspired 24 women.  Four more to go!DON'T LOSE HEART!
This Monday Motivation is for you!  

Below are real-time photos from the streets.

Big Announcement - 2016 City Captains

Posted by – February 19, 2016

Revolution is not a one time event...
This is big news.  Go ahead and start the drum roll.
What does a public health takeover of the 25 highest needs Black communities look like? How does a resistance movement fueled by the love of Black women grow and spread to the farthest reaches of the country? When resources are slim and the statistics bleak, what strategies do we use to rally?
GirlTrek has made a big bet. With our communities on the brink, our neighborhoods terrorized and our bodies breaking down under the sheer weight of it all - we made a bet - a bet on Black women as solution-makers. 
We bet that if we could find, train, invest in and support a dedicated corps of volunteers - an army of foot soldiers with brilliant minds and big hearts - that we could heal our families and communities, inspire our babies, and reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods. 

The Master Plan Baby BABY!

Posted by – February 19, 2016

"Thinking of a master plan...cause ain't nothing but sweat inside my hand!"  You are either a) really old or b) super cool if you know those Rakim
Seriously, it's all coming together!  The master plan in full effect!
GirlTrek: The Takeover!!!
What are our goals?  Say 'em loud and proud!  We've worked with you to set big, bright, audacious goals to achieve by 2018!  We have a plan...and heeeeeeere it goes...
ALL of us will win when we:
  1. Inspire a new health movement.  
    How? 1,000,0000 Black women and girls will take the #GirlTrek pledge to walk on Saturdays.

5 Awesome Updates!

Posted by – February 15, 2016

Hope you didn't miss these five important updates from the GirlTrek news desk!

4,882 new women joined GirlTrek in the last two weeks!   We took the Black History Month challenge to inspire one woman a day to join our movement! #28in28. Our goal is to build a beautiful army of 60,000 women (a tribute to Fannie Lou's activism). If you are reading this and inspired by #BlackGirlHealing, we want you to be counted in our ranks!!  650 organizers must succeed at #28in28 to win!  (and we STAY winning!). Can we count on you?  Here's some fresh language: "I really to want get off the couch and outside this spring!! GirlTrek is about that business!  Join me and a bunch of new friends as we walk for #BlackGirlHealing AND give back to our community ALL while dropping them LBs (and getting fiiiiiine for the summertime). Check it out: [Insert your own "personal invitation link" from the website so that you can track the number of friends you inspire to join!]". 

Monday Motivation: One Point for the Homies

Posted by – February 08, 2016

Touchdown!   6 points for Bey and her dancers who paid tribute to the Black Panther Party on their 50th anniversary at the Super Bowl. "I got hot sauce in my bag, swag!"
Extra point. 
...for each of YOU, on the front lines of life!!! On this 8th day of Black History month, you have inspired 8 sisters to take the pledge for #BlackGirlHealing. We stay winning. 
Together, we inspired 2327 women to take to the streets with us on Saturday mornings! (I need some shouting music! Watch out!! Or a fur coat like Cookie, so I can burst up into somebody's board room, like WHAT!) 
This is what that looked like this weekend ...we took OVER social media!!!

Friday Fire: A True Story

Posted by – February 05, 2016

"Do you ever wonder where the revolution is and then catch a glimpse of your reflection rippling in a stream and softly say, "oh, there you are. I was looking for you"

This is the true story of how three women smashed a month-long challenge in less than 72 hours. Meet Jasmine, Kourtney and Theresa! 

First, know this. These women have the blood of the ancestors running through their veins and the fire of ten thousand activists in their bellies. But this isn't the secret to their success. In fact, we all have the blood of the ancestors and the fire of activists in us.  

Some of our grandmothers and mothers desegregated schools. Some were the first to register to vote. Some marched. Some stood on picket lines. Some worked phone banks. Some cooked meals in church basements. Some resisted in small ways that were almost invisible to the eye - pushed back tears, bit their tongues, continued always to hold their head high - every single act counted. Every single act still counts.  All of us have the blood and the fire.

Monday Motivation: Two Hours

Posted by – February 01, 2016

"You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and try to do something, God ain't gone put it in your lap."
Fannie said that.
I know it hurts ...the tap water in Flint, the audacity of those who question #BlackLiveMatters.  ...the less obvious violence of hateful political speeches and award shows that refuse to see us, honor us.
It hurts me too.
And in times like these....I go to The Rock!
Somebody's mama use to sing "I go to the rock for my salvation.  I go to the stone that the builders rejectedI run to the mountain and the mountain stands by me."

If you need some foundation this morning and - like me - get overwhelmed by the lack of action during Black History Month, I would like to offer you three things:


Posted by – January 28, 2016

We're back!!!  The national staff is back from far off pursuits of baby-making, Parisian wine and Bajan surf adventures - not in that order! ...and DEFINITELY not at the same time.  (Please direct all baby love to Mrs. Hubb!)

...and we are ready to roll! Today, my job was to write an epic email to you.  A "Welcome back!" Virtual high five!  I wanted to write something...


Halfway Around the World

Posted by – January 26, 2016

Two monkeys don't stop no show.

Do you know what it feels like to watch the #GirlTrek revolution unfolding from halfway across the world? I do. On Saturday, day 20 of the Gratitude Trek - the halfway point - I was walking the streets of Maboneng, an artist district in Johannesburg. Morgan and I had been in South Africa for a week. We'd just wrapped up a beautiful gather...