A Major Moment!

Posted by – April 08, 2016

"We've spent an enormous amount of money on research-based approaches to obesity prevention and treatment, and almost none of them have worked with black women," says Gary G. Bennett, a professor at Duke University and a leading researcher on obesity. "One of the key predictors of positive treatment outcomes is really high levels of engagement. I've been doing work on obesity as it affects medically vulnerable populations for 15 years, and I don't know of anything in the scientific community or any public health campaigns that have been able to produce and sustain engagement around physical activity for black women like GirlTrek does. Not even close."

There are moments that take your breath away. Moments that mark time, where there is a distinct before and an after and you know that the universe has shifted in a way that things will never be the same. 

We might be slightly overdramatic right now, but just stay with us - we are a Sunday morning in the pulpit type of folk and when blessings rain down it's ok to shout hallelujah, to  grab the tambourine and head out into the aisle, to praise dance until the roof of the tabernacle shakes. No need to play it cool!


Fresh & New

Posted by – April 04, 2016

I celebrated the kickoff to GirlTrek's brand new season at the #BlackGirlsRock Awards Show. (For real?  I know, right?!  We came up!  I tried my hardest to represent ya'll and look fancy.  Look at my outfit!  Held it DOWN in the audience.  We weren't on the stage yet, but you wait, I have faith.  This year's show airs tomorrow night.)


Anyway, Rihanna was there.  (I guess she's fancy too!)  She said something that really inspired me.  She said, "The minute you learn to really love yourself, you never want to be any one else.  I'm really good at being me."


I love that.  ...because at 39 years old, I am JUST learning how to be me.  ...and it feels great.  I also love it because she captured one of the things that is SO awesome about this GirlTrek movement.  58,184 Black women are falling head-over-heels in love with life again.  Rocking own rhythms and casting fly-girl shadows on the world. 


It's so beautiful to see. Your faces lit up Instagram this kickoff weekend!  The flood of Realness on Facebook.  Generations walking together for #BlackGirlHealing. THIS was the best season opener in the history of GirlTrek.  



Twirl on Them Haters

Posted by – April 01, 2016

Oh, he tried it. The man who commented "ugly nigger" as we live streamed from the GirlTrek walk in Baltimore on Tuesday.


And he tried it as well. The man who yelled out, "what do those women do, play football?" as we walked the harbor - beaming, chanting, dancing, rejoicing. 


Yeah, they tried it. Everyday someone is trying us. Trying to deny our humanity. Trying to break our spirit. Trying to hold on to the power that they don't even realize they've already lost. Trying to be hurtful by throwing shade...but BABY!!! "What's shade when you're twirling in the sun!!!"  What's hate when your sheer existence is a testament to the love and resilience of generations Black women and men who fought the darkness with nothing but their own light.


They can try us all they want but our time is now! Do you hear us? We are absolutely unbreakable, unshakeable and there is nothing that we cannot do!


Collard Greens & Okra

Posted by – March 28, 2016

I started thinking, if I won $1000 for #ActivismApril, I would...

  • Pay for swim lessons for the girls in my neighborhood.
  • Hire a chef to teach me and my sisters to cook healthier meals for our families.
  • Commission a colorful mural by a local artist.
  • Start a drill team with the girls at my old school.
  • Build raised garden beds in my backyard to supply the whole neighborhood with collard greens and okra!  Stop playing..
  • Get every mother at my church CPR certified.
  • Sponsor a self-care book club for my friends.
  • Buy new uniforms for the praise dance team.
  • Produce a relaxation CD with a group of musicians I know and share it.
  • Start a hair-braiding circle at a foster home.
  • Buy GirlTrek t-shirts for all of my daughter's friends
  • Purchase old-school sports equipment for the kids in block - kick balls, hula hoops, double-dutch ropes, hop scotch chalk.
  • Donate to the soup kitchen up the block.
  • Buy school clothes for a family who is truly struggling financially.
  • Pay the registration for all of the teachers at my daughter's school to do an organized 5K race together.
  • Sponsor summer camp for a girl in need.
  • Give away 10 bicycles to kids who get the best grades in the neighborhood.
  • Buy furniture to create a relaxing space at a group home.
  • Put a window in the nursery at church to let in natural light.
  • Donate seeds and gardening equipment to a summer program.
  • Pay for background checks for baby-holders at the neo-natal ICU.
  • Buy yarn for senior citizens to knit blankets for the sick and shut in..
  • Buy yoga mats and pedicure sets for a women's shelter.
  • Plan a "Mommy's Day Off" day care service at church.
  • Organize a Paint Night as a stress reliever for girlfriends who need a break.
  • Create an exercise room in your housing complex - jump ropes?
  • Get certified as a fitness instructor and donate my skills
  • Host a cleanup day at the park
  • Alleviate severe stress by paying tuition for a college student in need
  • Take hot food to a lonely senior citizen each week.
  • Hire a housekeeper for someone who is sick.

For This Sunday

Posted by – March 28, 2016


"GirlTrek means the world to me. I lost my mother and grandmother to diabetes. The sisterhood and motivation of other women has inspired not only me but 5 of my biological sisters are doing it too for better health. We are so close now.  GirlTrek brings families together!! -  Debra Collins


A Good Friday reminder...
"We are an Easter people."
We don't abandon to despair.
We fall but we rise.
We are never defeated.
Anything can be overcome.
Our worst mistakes and fears have no dominion over us.
Where you stand now is not your final destination.

Dear Danita

Posted by – March 21, 2016

Dear Danita,


It was so great seeing you yesterday at the wedding!  Kiss Drew and his new wife for me. Listen, I was so pumped when you asked me how to start walking with GirlTrek!  Girl!!! You have no idea.  (So excited, that I'm sharing this letter with about 50,000 readers in case THEY got family members who want to start too!)


So listen, everybody starts on April 1st and it's super easy to get ready...


Better Odds than the Lotto!

Posted by – March 18, 2016

#ActivismApril: Building Community and Sowing the Seeds of Activism!

Our walking is not for sport. We don't hit the streets of our communities for show. Our movement is more than cool hashtags and cute outfits  (although we rock those for sure!)


This is a REVOLUTION.  Our walking is our activism!




1. the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.


Our walking - our activism - might not "make America great again" (is it shady in here?) but it will make it better than it's ever been before. It will bring about change and it will bring healing in a time when it is SO desperately needed.


How? We believe that when YOU get active that YOU become a powerful agent for change. So we want to support YOU.  We want to invest in YOUR SOLUTIONS! 

Victory Lap: #WeAreHarriet Recap

Posted by – March 14, 2016

This is an impossible task.  

How do we round up the love, the laughter, the tears, the break-throughs, the roasted yams, the black eyed peas, the dance offs, the prayers, the sunrise walks, celebrity tweets and rainy determination.  #WeAreHarriet was historic.  It was deeply, deeply inspiring.  Thank you for showing up, showing out, honoring Harriet and starting something real.  Let's take a moment to celebrate what happened this weekend:


1. The Film

GirlTrek premiered a tear-jerker, an 8-minute world-class documentary film.



Friday Fire: Our Top 10!

Posted by – March 04, 2016

It's official! In February we put out the call.  Who are our top organizers in the country? The women with rallying power and enough fire in their bellies to smash the #28n28 recruitment challenge.  Many of you met the goal but the 10 women below...more than conquerors! These women have an anointing, a calling, they are purposed to heal and inspire!  Please join us in congratulating them on being a catalyst for change in the lives of so many and GirlTrek's top organizers for the #28in28 challenge!




Thank You for an Epic Black History Month

Posted by – February 29, 2016

Today is leap day.  
That means, this year, you have an extra 24 hours to do something special.
We recommend celebrating...
First, for waking up this morning, starting on your way.  Second for peace of mind.  Third for showing up and deciding to make this life glorious.  
#power #persistence  #ThankYouGod
Today, we celebrate each other - every woman, girl and elder reading this.
Thank you.   We love you for making GirlTrek what it is: