Welcome to WEEK TWO!!

Queue the shouting music!! Five days of radical self-care is a victory. We are on our way. Please don't quit. Your testimonies this weekend were everything - you feel more alive, more focused, energized and you're getting healthier. We are with you every step of the way. So let's go. Today we hit the streets with one of the greatest artists of our time, Nina Simone!


Day 6: We are the #DaughtersOf Nina Simone

Did you know Nina's government name was Eunice Kathleen Waymon!?  Us either.  Here's the story.  She was at a nightclub singing, trying to protect her family's good name.  She started calling herself Nina and the rest is history. She became the voice of a generation - brave, uncompromising, raw.  She taught us to practice fearlessness and – in her very public battle with mental illness – she reminds us that genius is delicate and must be protected at all costs.  Join us as we honor this classical musician who wrote the book on soul. 

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- What are you afraid of?  Nina says freedom is on the other side of fearlessness, so...

- Why did we lose our everlasting minds when Zoe Saldana was cast to play Nina in that biopic? Was it justified outrage or were we tripping a little bit?

- Nina's daughter said her mother was Nina Simone 24 hours a day and that was a problem.  How much of your life is a performance?

Let's talk about mental illness.  How do we stay sane – especially now - when deep sadness, anxiety, even addiction feels so justified?  How can we hold onto our peace of mind?


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