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Over the next month, we will walk through Black history together celebrating our powerful foremothers each day. They blazed a trail for us.

Sign up below for this special #daughtersof walking challenge and each day, we will email you an inspiring Black history story, a playlist, a secret code to join a fun phone conversation with thousands of women during your solo walk, and sister-accountability to keep going the full 21 days. GirlTrek is always free and open to everyone. Who’s with us!?

If you are new to the movement or this is your first challenge, we are 1 woman closer to 1 Million strong by 2020 because of you. You have officially joined the ranks of 650,000+ Black women committed to reclaiming holistic lives rooted in wellness and radical self-care.
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Day 1: Audre Lorde

Posted by – June 01, 2020


We don’t believe in accidents so however, it was that you arrived here on day 1 of this 21-day journey with GirlTrek, welcome. You are home. This is a movement about sisterhood and collective healing. About liberation and the radical pursuit of joy – as an act of resistance and a celebration. We hope that these daily walking meditations ground you, encourage you, feel you with inspiration, and connect you to a purpose bigger than yourself.

DAY 1: We are the #DaughtersOf AUDRE LORDE
Today's 30-minute walk is dedicated to the brave and brilliant Audre Lorde.  She argued that our very survival is political - that we were never meant to survive.  As you walk, meditate on her idea of "radical self-care."  What would it look like if you were radical about caring for yourself? How would it even feel?  What does it require? Today, you can walk in silent meditation, join our phone conversation, or cue up the playlist to let Audre Lorde's inspiring words guide you. This is your 21-day journey.  The only thing we ask is that you walk at least 30 minutes and reflect each day.  This habit will transform your life. We'll be cheering! #daughtersof #girltrek

Sneak Peak

Posted by – June 01, 2020


This picture is a whole mood. 

Let's roll.

Today is the kickoff of Black History Bootcamp and THOUSANDS (you hear me? Yes, THOUSANDS!) have already signed on to walk in the footsteps of giants!  If you did not receive this morning's "Day 1" email, please don't forget to complete the Official Sign Up Form.  Once you do, you'll receive 21 days of top-secret emails to inspire you, teach you, and cover you for the days ahead. This will be the last community-wide blast invitation but we didn't want you to miss out. 

Invitation to Black History Bootcamp

Posted by – May 30, 2020

Original Email:
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GirlTrek Invites You To: 


 A 21-Day Walking Challenge in the
Footsteps Of Our Foremothers 

This Monday, you are invited to join Morgan and Vanessa, co-founders of GirlTrek on 21 inspiring walks from your front door. We're asking you to put your own safety mask on first and dedicate 30 minutes each day to your healing - no matter what -- by lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement to walk. 

Each day, we will email you an inspiring Black history story, a playlist, and a secret dial-in code to join a fun phone conversation (12 pm ET daily) with thousands of women during your solo walk. We have all the sister-accountability you need to keep going the full 21 days. You can do this! Hurry, sign up here, and share this invitation with three women you love. GirlTrek is always free and open to everyone. 

If your city has deemed it safe for socially-distanced outdoor exercise, let's hit the streets! Walk in "virtual solidarity" to improve your health and pay tribute to the powerful women who walked before us.  

A Way Forward [Important Announcement]

Posted by – May 29, 2020


Original Email:

“What is beauty?”
I asked Angela Davis this question because I was struggling to see the light in my own face.  Because the world keeps trying to bury us.

...but they don’t know we are seeds.
They don’t know that Sojourner Truth’s children were stolen from her and sold downriver. And that, in her fury, she crashed a convention and asked, “Ain’t I a Woman?”
They don’t know that Fannie Lou Hamer was given a forced hysterectomy by white doctors without her consent. But she didn’t let them win. She told her story, adopted two girls, and went on to organize 60,000 people in Mississippi to vote. Ashé.
They don’t know... 
That Harriet‘s husband was free. And that after she risked everything to free herself and walked back to him – he was with another woman. They don’t know what that feels like.  But we do.  Harriet taught us how to press on, how to make a way out of no way.  She taught us all about that “clack, clack.” 
And the world is just now celebrating Ida B. Wells. …but they don't understand that it was her actual friends, 3 successful Black store owners, who were lynched by their white competitors.  At that moment, she could not look away - so she wrote THE blueprint for dismantling the system of hatred we face today.
In this moment, as we fight for our very sanity, our communities, our babies, ourselves, our men - we turn to the most beautiful source, the Black women who walked before us. We are not invisible.  You will not break us, steal from, reject us, murder us – then demand that we do the labor of turning the world right-side up.  We are the #daughtersof freedom fighters, of waymakers, strategists, and builders of nations …authors, artists, soldiers, and spies. And in order to know where we are going in this moment, we need to know where we have been. This is a call to action for special times.

Black History Bootcamp: An epic, 21-day walking meditation to remember where we came from and to gather strength for the road ahead. Let’s take #daughtersof to the streets! Sign up here to join the June walking challenge.
  • (v.) To lace up our sneakers and walk each day as a declaration of self-care!
  • (v.) To heal our bodies, inspire our daughters, and reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods.
  • (v.) To reestablish walking as a healing tradition in Black communities as tribute to those who walked before us.
  • (n.) A health movement organized by volunteers across America to inspire one million by 2020.