To survive
Let the past
Teach you-
Past customs,
Leaders and thinkers.
Help you.
Let them inspire you,
Warn you,
Give you strength.
But beware:
God is change.
Past is past.
What was
Come again..

To survive,
know the past.
Let it touch you.
Then let
The past
 - Octavia E. Butler  

You did it. You completed the first edition of GirlTrek’s Black History Bootcamp. Congratulations. The ancestors would be proud to see what you’ve done over the past 21 days. This was more than a walking challenge. This was an international mass healing event that brought more than 120,000+ Black women together to call the names of our foremothers in unison. With each story, we were able to remember that, as Alice Walker says, we were not the first to suffer, rebel, fight, love, or die. Our line stretches all the way back to Shirley and Zora, to Ella Jo and Angela X. Each step that we took was a ceremony to honor their sacrifices, a coronation filled with laughter and tears as we imagined what it was like to walk in the footsteps of these ordinary Black women called to do extraordinary things.
Now, as we close out this series, and prepare for the next (yes, sis there is more of this goodness to come) we end not by looking back, but by looking forward as we examine the life and legacy of the extraordinary writer, Octavia Butler, a Black woman who dared to imagine a future that centered Blackness and the voices and experiences of Black women.  The invitation into her sci-fi world was an invitation for all of us to think beyond the drab expectations of a cruel reality that does not see our magic or power,  to create a future that makes space for all of our glorious gifts to be on full display. 


DAY 21: We are the #DaughtersOf Octavia E. Butler

The godmother of Afrofuturism. Octavia Butler was a pioneer who traveled from the future to warn us and prepare us for a time such as this. She knew what would happen if power went unchecked, if the earth continued to be neglected, and if the wealthy were allowed to cannibalize the poor. She knew. And throughout her illustrious career as a science fiction writer, which included her winning every major award in her field, she tried to warn us. Today we listen. Today we acknowledge that an awkward Black girl with an almost paralyzing shyness was given the gift to foretell the future and that she wrote it all down in a series of masterpieces that literally read like a blueprint for survival.

You know the conversation is going to be GOOD. Let us rejoice and celebrate together! 



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- When someone says, "I am not my ancestors, you will catch these hands." How do you feel about it?

- What dreams did you abandon that you can now pick back up?

- In the future little Black girls and little Black boys will be able to_______________.



- LISTEN: Daughters of Octavia Butler, A Spotify Playlist 

- READ: A World without Racism, By Octavia Butler

- READ: A Few Rules for Predicting the Future by Octavia Butler (Essence, 2000)


- WATCH: [For the whole family]: See You Yesterday, Produced By Spike Lee


IMPORTANT NOTE: Coronavirus is still killing Black people disproportionately.  Please do not gather or walk in groups until we flatten the curve in our communities. Do not trust policy over the protection of Black lives. To support mental health, we invite you to walk virtually with us each day.  This is a solo training mission to build your own discipline, fortitude, and physical strength for the days ahead.  Please wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands when you return home.


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