Day 8.  

Forget what your 8th-grade teacher taught you.

Sojourner Truth's life was so juicy, so "say what!?", that you cannot miss this live discussion.  She is everyone's favorite spiritual leader, yes.  But did you know that Sojourner Truth bore the child of a slave owner, then - when she escaped his bondage - she sued his ass for custody and won!  Sojourner Truth was the first Black woman to go to court against a white man in America and win. Bring your tambourines as we hit the streets for a Truth Revival!


Day 8: We are the #DaughtersOf Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth may or may not have poisoned a wealthy New York City merchant with a plate of blackberries.  She was acquitted, so we're pleading a collective fifth. Let's just say we have a lot to discuss.  Born "Belle" Baumfree, she gave herself the name Sojourner Truth in 1843 when she heard the Spirit of God tell her to leave the city and go into the countryside "testifying the hope that was in her".  We honor her hope and fervent calling today.

Walk and Talk
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- Where is your fervor? What are you deeply committed to, passionate about, dedicated to?  What would you sacrifice everything for?

- What if you told the truth?  What would happen?

- What is the role of Spirit in the movement?  Has the Christian church helped or hindered revolution for Black people?


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