You were thinking you've done pretty well this Gratitude Challenge and no one will really notice if you just take a pass on this final week of trekking.

You were thinking that it's cold outside and it's been a long week and maybe, just maybe, you'll sleep in tomorrow and let #SuperheroSaturday slide.

We know what you were thinking, that's why we had to slide through...

Right about now we know that you could use a little extra motivation and push to the finish line. To get you there we've pulled out some inspiration from THE HARDEST WORKING TREK TEAM IN THE COUNTRY! That's right! [Disagree? Send all disputes and protest to She handles all GirlTrek crisis management. Make sure to include a 50 word statement on why your team is actually the G.O.A.T.  LOL]

For now we're going to go ahead and say that in one of the smallest states in the country, you will find a team with some of the biggest spirit and heart.  A team of dedicated, supportive, inspiring friends. They call themselves the Delaware  Sole Sisters and five minutes ago we talked to their team leader Gloria Johnson and she had this message for you:


"Have confidence in yourself that you can do it!"


That's right! Right now we want you to shake the doubt, shake the weariness, shake the naysayers off and dig deep for that inner confidence. You got this!
Gloria said that the secret to her team's success is 
"we all truly believe in the mission of GirlTrek and we believe in the power of sisterhood." 
Tonight they are sharing their sisterhood with YOU. They are inviting you to their team - reaching out to pull YOU in.  It's what they do everyday for each other. When someone is struggling, Gloria said they give them a call. When someone is out on a walk and needs a little push their team member Karen is always around to offer support. Tonight they are offering all of us some support. 
See their smiles. Feel their love. Take some of their encouragement and use it tomorrow to lace up, suit up and roll out!  #SuperheroSaturday! 


Day 34 of 40 and we're feeling so grateful! 
You sisters, 
Vanessa and Morgan 
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