💦Let's Go Ch8singWaterfalls💦 - Chapter 20
💦Let's Go Ch8singWaterfalls💦 - Chapter 20
This will be a three for one, that will begin at DeSoto Falls and end at Dick's Creek Falls. About DeSoto Falls: Hike the two mile Desoto Falls Trail near Helen to a pair of waterfalls where, legend holds, a piece of armor was found from DeSoto’s expedition in the mid-1500s. 💦 Two gorgeous waterfalls. A beautiful forest filled with tumbling creeks and gnarly, leathery-leafed rhododendron. And, legend holds, the site where a piece of armor was found, thought to be from the epic expedition of explorer Hernando de Soto in the mid 1500s. DeSoto Falls is well worth the visit. 💦💦 The two mile out-and-back DeSoto Falls Trail packs a lot of punch in a short distance, crossing a beautiful rhododendron and mossy boulder-filled creek before hiking to two rushing waterfalls through a shady young forest. This hike’s relatively short, kid-friendly distance and moderate elevation change make it one of North Georgia’s most popular waterfall hikes." 💦 DeSoto is a mild to moderate trek which unfolds two majestic beauties. 💦💦 Afterwards, we will take a 14min drive to Dick's Creek Falls to visit the sweet spot, which is Dick's Creek Falls. 💦 The trek at DeSoto Falls requires boots and hiking sticks or hiking poles. 💦💦 We will meet at Publix on Pleasant Hill, at 1625 Pleasant Hill Rd #200, Duluth, GA 30096, at 7:00 a.m., with a 7:30 departure. 💦 Stay tuned for additional details, here, and definitely engage in the chatter and follow along in the event thread, in GirlTrek Atlanta.


April 20, 2019
7am - 1pm


DeSoto Falls & Dicks Creek Falls
Desoto Falls
Highway 19
Blairsville, GA 30528
United States
Google map and directions


Deborah McGlawn


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    Only one week away from chapter 20 of the ch8se. Are you ready?
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    Ladies, I look forward to the adventures that will unfold as we write the narrative for chapter 20 of ch8sing waterfalls.

    IF you have not taken the pledge to live your healthiest, best life with GirlTrek, please do so.

    In addition, there is a lot of conversation you are missing, in the events section of GirlTrek: Atlanta pertaining to this ch8se. If you are not a member of GirlTrek: Atlanta, this is where you want to be for all things fun, exciting, healthy, and all sorts of #BlackGirlMagic.

    So go to Facebook, and join our group, and stay current on this and other events happening in Atlanta.

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    Your Ch8se Champion,
    Dynamic Deb
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    Directions. You will want to save this in your phone, in case you loose signal. I did. My signal was sketchy, and I’m directionally challenged, so here is our destination:

    Most of us will leave from Publix on Pleasant Hill, DeSoto Falls is our first stop, then we will go to Dicks Creek Falls, then to the Mountain Crossing store, for our patches, pins and stuff.

    From there we will conclude at some place for lunch.

    The address to DeSoto Falls is: Desoto Falls
    Highway 19, Blairsville, GA

    The address to the Mountain Crossing at Neal Gap is: 2700 Braselton Hwy, Dacula, GA 30019
  • Deborah McGlawn
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    YES, the ch8se will go on as scheduled. I hope you’re not afraid of the “possibility” of a little liquid sunshine, as our Sista Ay Jay calls the rain. Pack your rain gear and your refreshing flexibility.

    90% of the time, when there is rain, or prediction of rain, the universe blesses us and holds it until after our ch8ses, or it ends before we get to the ch8se. So don’t let a little liquid sunshine stop you from being great, and enjoying the sista’hood.

    It will be fun.

    I recommend you bring plastic bags to cover your muddy boots/shoes, to protect your car floors afterwards, or bring a change of shoes, and a plastic bag to throw your muddy shoes into the trunk.

    The trail is short, and is mild to moderate. There is a hill, with stairs to climb in the beginning, and a slight incline during the middle. No worries, though, we start together, we finish together. No ch8ser is ever left behind.

    Hiking poles or walking sticks are suggested; if you feel you need assistance with the incline or the stairs. The path is nice and clear of roots. This is a tennis shoes trail; however, keep in mind it will be muddy, so don’t wear your good shoes.
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