Two monkeys don't stop no show.

Do you know what it feels like to watch the #GirlTrek revolution unfolding from halfway across the world? I do. On Saturday, day 20 of the Gratitude Trek - the halfway point - I was walking the streets of Maboneng, an artist district in Johannesburg. Morgan and I had been in South Africa for a week. We'd just wrapped up a beautiful gather...

...gathering of social entrepreneurs, leaders and activist from around the globe. It is always powerful and inspiring to spend time with people who not only have brilliant minds, but who have the passion and the will to change the world. It restores all hope in humanity. It is an affirmation that despite it all, the world is in fact in good hands.

Visiting Mother to Mother, a South African nonprfit working with HIV+ women.


The week away was amazing.  It was also time consuming.  7 hours ahead of east coast time, with daily jammed packed schedules, we didn't have time to send a Monday Motivation or Friday Fire last week. We worried about getting out the #KindnessPaprazzi text (shout out to Nicole for holding it all the way down.)  We weren't responding to emails. We weren't posting on social media. In our absence we started to worry.  But while we were worrying, y'all was like...Morgan and Vanessa who? Two monkeys don't stop no show! 


While walking around Maboneng a friend who I'd spent the day with said, "So today's Superhero Saturday? What type of stuff is happening."  I explained to her about the superhero blue, about taking back the streets of our neighborhood, about the sisterhood and the joy. Then she said, "show me." I paused for a moment, because I had hyped it up and I all I could think was "Lord, don't have me out here in South Africa looking crazy talking about GirlTrek is the most inspiring health movement on the planet and then pull up my phone to show this woman and ain't nobody posted. Lord, don't do this to me!" LOL. 
But there was no need to worry! We didn't need to worry about sending out inspiring emails or making sure everyone was committed to the Gratitude Trek or if the text were going out, or if women were walking or posting.  This movement isn't about us. It started with two friends, but now we are thousands.  
When I pulled up my phone to show my friend what #SuperheroSaturday was all about it - it looked like this. Thousands of Black women who lace up and head out, who inspire and support each other, who are leading the movement in their own communities and don't need permission.  Yaaaasssss!!!! 
We'll be in Africa another week but I'm not worried. I'll be watching #GirlTrek and reading all your post and getting my inspiration from you. Thank you all being leaders and lighting the way. 

- Vanessa (and Morgan)


Superhero Saturday. Snapshots from the field. What I saw from halfway across the world...