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GirlTrek Invites You To: 


 A 21-Day Walking Challenge in the
Footsteps Of Our Foremothers 

This Monday, you are invited to join Morgan and Vanessa, co-founders of GirlTrek on 21 inspiring walks from your front door. We're asking you to put your own safety mask on first and dedicate 30 minutes each day to your healing - no matter what -- by lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement to walk. 

Each day, we will email you an inspiring Black history story, a playlist, and a secret dial-in code to join a fun phone conversation (12 pm ET daily) with thousands of women during your solo walk. We have all the sister-accountability you need to keep going the full 21 days. You can do this! Hurry, sign up here, and share this invitation with three women you love. GirlTrek is always free and open to everyone. 

If your city has deemed it safe for socially-distanced outdoor exercise, let's hit the streets! Walk in "virtual solidarity" to improve your health and pay tribute to the powerful women who walked before us.  
We need this now more than ever. We want you to start a life-saving habit of daily walking with us. Science has shown that it takes 21 days to successfully build a habit -- and we promise you that if you complete this challenge, it will change your life. You will experience profound health benefits, as explained in this video, that will lead to a significantly lower risk of anxiety, diabetes, dementia, depression, and heart disease. And we will keep you inspired. 
Be sure to protect yourself. The CDC recommends sunshine, fresh air, and daily exercise while practicing strict social distancing. Do not walk in groups or teams. This is a solo journey. Please wear safety masks, take all precautions, and follow local quarantine guidelines. If your city or health condition requires you to stay indoors, or if it's unsafe for you to walk outside, don't worry - we got you! Here are 100 great self-care activities for home.
In order to know where we’re going, we have to know where we come from. Join this special #daughtersof walking challenge and over the next month, we will walk through Black history together celebrating our powerful foremothers each day. They blazed a trail for us.

Who’s with us!?

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Nikki Giovanni said, “Walk together children, and don’t you get weary.” 

With love and in sisterhood,

Morgan and Vanessa (with a whole team of women making it look like magic!)