Three days before Thanksgiving!

Three days before the end of our 40-Day Gratitude Challenge!

We've spent 37 days counting every way in which we have been abundantly blessed, kept through the storms, clothed, fed, loved, supported and healed.

And now we gather around the table with our families. We share our #GratitudeConfessions. We bless the food and the hands...

"We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction."  
H.A. Ironside
that prepared it. We laugh. We tell old stories. We judge our cousins girlfriend who showed up empty handed (don't be that person! At least bring some drinks y'all.) We sneak an extra piece of pie in our purse. We keep the liquor away from uncle Johnnie. We marvel at the resilience and beauty of Black families. We give thanks.
AND we walk!!!
That's right. We end this season of Thanksgiving and this challenge with one final trek. A victory lap! Some of you are already planning to participate in local races in your city. Shout out to the GirlTrek organizers making this happen across the country. For the rest of us, it's time to plan our own neighborhood Turkey Trots, GirlTrek style!
Just follow the four easy steps below.
1. Invite all of your dinner guests to the "Insert Family Name" Turkey Trot.  Send out the email and text now. Tell folks they must bring sneakers if they want to eat!
2.  Map out a route that leaves right from your front door (unless there is a park, walking trail or school track very close by.)  Your walk should be at least 30-minutes but if your menu includes banana pudding AND sweet potato pie, we're going to need you to bump it up to 60.
3. Make homemade bibs with everyone's name and race number.  We created a  Custom Trek Bib Template for you to get started.  Don't forget the safety pins so people can pin it to the shirts or jackets!
4. Make it a competition! First place goes home with a whole sweet potato pie! Last place has to clean all the dishes (unless it's Grandma!)
After your Turkey Trot make sure to share your race photos using #GirlTrek.
Then, after you share you race photos, and after the house has been cleaned and the last guest has left, we ask you to do one more thing -
#OptOutside for Black Friday!
That's right. GirlTrek is joining our national partner REI in saying NO to the buying culture that has hijacked our holidays.
If this Gratitude Challenge has shown us anything it's that what we need more of isn't stuff, it's time, it's opportunities to slow down, it's relationships, it's connection to the people we love. 
For this reason, we have decided to join REI and #OptOutside for Black Friday. Instead of participating in the frenzy of holiday spending we will head outside and we are encouraging you do the same! You can lace up and go on a hike, trek through your neighborhood, go on a bike ride, host a family flag football game in the park, take your kids kite flying, go somewhere beautiful to see the fall colors on the leaves...the options are endless!
For those of you who choose to join us in the great outdoors, make sure to share a photo using #OptOutside and #GirlTrek.  We'll be sharing our favorite photos on Monday and selecting winners to receive some special end of the season goodies!
With Gratitude and love, 
Vanessa and Morgan
Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. 
- John Muir