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Monday Motivation: Two Hours

Posted by – February 01, 2016

"You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and try to do something, God ain't gone put it in your lap."
Fannie said that.
I know it hurts ...the tap water in Flint, the audacity of those who question #BlackLiveMatters.  ...the less obvious violence of hateful political speeches and award shows that refuse to see us, honor us.
It hurts me too.
And in times like these....I go to The Rock!
Somebody's mama use to sing "I go to the rock for my salvation.  I go to the stone that the builders rejectedI run to the mountain and the mountain stands by me."

If you need some foundation this morning and - like me - get overwhelmed by the lack of action during Black History Month, I would like to offer you three things:


Posted by – January 28, 2016

We're back!!!  The national staff is back from far off pursuits of baby-making, Parisian wine and Bajan surf adventures - not in that order! ...and DEFINITELY not at the same time.  (Please direct all baby love to Mrs. Hubb!)

...and we are ready to roll! Today, my job was to write an epic email to you.  A "Welcome back!" Virtual high five!  I wanted to write something...


Mile High Photo Story

Posted by – January 26, 2016

I can't wait for you to see the 50 pictures below. Exactly one month ago, something special happened. 
150 women woke up - some as early as 4am - hopped on a plane and flew to the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado for the adventure of a lifetime.
They are our best-kept secret.  A force.  A mighty service corps.  ...among the brightest minds, biggest hearts.  These women...

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