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WTOP: After Charleston Women Lace Up Their Walking Shoes

Posted by – June 21, 2015

WASHINGTON — The brutal killings of nine people who welcomed a stranger into their midst to study the Bible unleashed a torrent of grief and anger.

And communities across the country are finding ways to work through it. For the members of Girl Trek, it means lacing up their sneakers, and walking through their communities: finding strength in themselves and each other.

GirlTrek is a national organization of 35,000, aimed at connecting black women in a network of health and fitness. But that isn’t limited to physical fitness, according to co-founder Vanessa Garrison.

NationSwell: A long walk for freedom, a long walk for health

Posted by – May 29, 2015

“One in two African-American girls born in the year 2000 will get diabetes if something doesn’t change,” says Morgan Dixon, co-founder of GirlTrek. “That’s absolutely not acceptable on our watch.”

Statistics like that, as well as sobering data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that 80 percent of African-American women are obese or clinically overweight, are what motivate Dixon.

Detroit Free Press: Walking Movement Encourages Detroit Free Press Writer

Posted by – April 12, 2015


I have gotten in the habit of checking their Facebook page every day.

On GirlTrek, I know there will be something there to inspire me as I #seizethedays and complete my "Countdown to 60," the fun and fitness journey I pledged as I move toward my 60th birthday at year's end.