Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are we?

    A million+ Black women united by a movement for health justice.

  2. What do we believe?

    When Black women walk, things change. We follow in the footsteps of women who believed that big change happens one step at a time.

  3. Why do we walk?

    To find everyday joy and create a world where Black women are free to live their healthiest, most fulfilled lives.

  4. Where do we walk?

    Outside of our front doors, as much as possible, so that we can be a light to our neighborhoods and each other.

  5. Who do we walk with?

    Ourselves, first, because this is a personal commitment. When we’re ready, we invite other women to join us or join someone else’s crew for sisterhood. There’s strength in numbers.

  6. What is the GirlTREK Pledge?

    The GirlTREK Pledge is a commitment by our members to take a walk on Saturdays in their GirlTREK shirt as an act of solidarity with Black women around the world.

  7. What are the rules?

    There are no rules but we have a shared agreement that keeps us accountable to each other and safe when we walk. Link to trek code

  8. What is the mission?

    To increase the life expectancy of Black women by 10 years in 10 years.

  9. How do I become a member?

    Take the pledge at and take your first walk.

  10. How can I join #SisterhoodSaturdays?

    Tap into our #SisterhoodSaturday calls each Saturday at 10AM ET from wherever you are. Dial in and step out. (646) 876-9923 (Code: 734464325#)

  11. How do I remain active?

    Reach our monthly movement goal—complete four Warrior Weeks in a row. A Warrior Week is five 30-minute walks in seven days. Don’t worry, we got you. Our programs and resources will keep you inspired. Want an extra challenge? See how many months in a season you can hit the goal.

  12. How can I connect with other women?

    Download GirlTREK Underground to connect with women in your neighborhood and get the full GirlTREK experience, including ways to track your walks.

  13. What is the GirlTREK Season?

    The GirlTREK Season operates annually from March 10 (Harriet Tubman Day) to November 30. This is when we actively engage in programs and campaigns to inspire and mobilize our community.

  14. What is the GirlTREK Off-Season?

    Our off-season runs from December 1 to January 15, serving as a self-care sabbatical for GirlREK staff, volunteers, and members to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate.

  15. Can anyone join GirlTREK?

    While our focus is on Black women and girls, we welcome allies who support our mission and want to contribute positively to our cause.

  16. Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

    Click here to view our digital FAQ

GirlTREK is free to join. A loving sisterhood is waiting for you to take the first step.