Vanessa Ted Talk

Be on the frontlines of the movement

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” - June Jordan

Harriet was bold enough to believe she could set herself free. And we know what happened next.

That’s the power of what one woman can do. Imagine what YOU can do.

Anchored in the long history of Black freedom struggles, GirlTREK trains Black women to be on the frontline of a mass health revolution. Because we know there is no one more qualified to change the face of Black women’s health than us.

We are the solution. And together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

We’re building a professional vanguard of crew leaders, state and regional coaches, policy advocates, urban farmers, special impact teams, and more. Let’s occupy EVERY Black neighborhood in America, together and create an army of Black women who are ready to train to lead.

The calvary is here.

Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders are everyday women who lead their family and friends on walks in their very own neighborhoods. Crew leaders are the Harriet’s of their own households. They don’t ask for permission to save their own life and joyfully invite others to join them on their walking journey.

Train to lead a crew today. Get the tips and tools to help you rally 2+ women to walk with you for healing each week. These 3 simple steps can get you started:

Step #1

Get familiar with the Field Guide.

A step-by-step resource full of information to support your journey as a crew leader.

Get the Guide

Step #2

Listen to our Concrete Curriculum audio training.

Train with Morgan, Vanessa and members of our professional vanguard of coaches to learn winning plays and strategies that will best support you and your crew.

Step #3


It's that simple. Don't wait. Start walking with your crew today. Whether you're a seasoned trekker or just getting started. Just ask your friends, families, and/or neighborhoods to join. We will support you along the way.