Never ask for permission to save your own life

We walk to heal our bodies, inspire our daughters, and reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods.

Walking is a powerful health intervention, a means of organizing and a lifeline to those who feel alone. It’s the single best thing a woman can do to improve her health.

When you walk 30 minutes a day, it reduces:

Heart disease risk by


Stroke rates by


Diabetes risk by


Depressions rates by


Anxiety rates by


Beyond the physical and mental health benefits, we use walking as a strategy for community-wide healing. We rejoice in the very vibration of taking a walk—a chance to slow down, to reconnect with our families, reclaim our streets, heal generations, rewrite history, and advance real solutions for health justice.

We know walking changes things. A personal discipline of daily walking can transform your life. GirlTREK is here to help you start walking towards your healthiest life today and we’ve curated special resources to help encourage and guide you.

Black History Bootcamp

We are protectors and amplifiers of Black stories and culture.

Black History Bootcamp is a viral sensation and a first-of-its-kind walking podcast centered on Black stories and lessons from our ancestors. Through a series of 21-day walking meditations, co-founders Morgan and Vanessa reflect on stories of Black resilience and resistance to help Black women navigate through these uncertain times. These conversations offer a space to think through practical solutions to manage stress, reconnect, reclaim joy, and say “NO” to the weight of the world by walking and talking for 30 minutes a day.





With 7 seasons of Black history captured through over 90 episodes, there’s a story and lesson to guide you through wherever you are in your walk towards health and healing. Science has proven it takes 21 days to build a habit—by completing any of these seasons, you are one step closer to implementing daily walking into your routine and changing your life.

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Start with the season that best speaks to what you need.

30 Day Jumpstart

Start your journey with GirlTREK’s self-guided 30-Day walking challenge. It has helped thousands of women jumpstart their health and start a new habit of daily walking while having fun, discovering new places, and connecting to history and culture.


You don’t have to wait until the 1st of the month to start a GirlTREK challenge. Day one, can be today! Right now we are using this Self-Care Scavenger Hunt to keep us inspired. Download it and start walking today!

Have you completed 21 walks in 30 days? It's time for you to claim your victory!

Claim my Victory

We know walking works. We’ve got the stories to prove it.

In parks, on sidewalks, in churches, at meetings, on the mountaintop, Black women are experiencing walking as a life-transforming ritual. They’re telling the stories of weight loss, more mobility, less medication, self-care, and sisterhood.