Self-care is a revolutionary act

In GirlTREK, self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

For Black women, self-care is self preservation. The root causes of the health crisis facing Black women are so much deeper than fitness. Black women are exhausted. We are weary from carrying the weight of unprocessed trauma and institutionalized racism. The weight of too much work and not enough rest. The weight of other people’s problems. The cumulative effect of this stress is showing up in our bodies as high blood pressure and heart disease. This has to change.

We’re establishing new, healthier traditions and shifting mindsets. Taking a nap and taking a walk. Bubble baths and setting boundaries. Manicures and meditation. Pampering and unpacking trauma. Because our lives depend on it.

Get rooted in your own daily practice of self-care through our library of content and events.

Mantras for Daily Resistance:

“I don’t need permission to care for myself.”

“Every victory is worth celebrating.”

“My own life has to be my message.”

“I am worthy of rest and rejuvenation.”

#Daughtersof Conversation Series

We are the daughters of fighters, healers, leaders, and visionaries.

Special edition conversation series dedicated to the power and wisdom of our matrilineal lineage, #DaughtersOf explores self-care and healing traditions that have been passed through generations. Featuring: Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni, Dr. Bernice King, Ilyasah Shabazz, and the presidents of the four Black sororities of the Divine Nine.

Stress Protest

Black women are among the most stressed in America.

This is why, each year, we’ve claimed Labor Day weekend as a time for radical healing and collective rejuvenation. It is a deliberate effort designed to stand against the exploitation of Black women’s labor by staging a Stress Protest—a radical retreat in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where Black women gather for a transformational weekend curated by world-class healers and instructors.

Stress protest is the ultimate self-care and healing experience for Black women—and it’s returning in 2022. Sign up for exclusive updates and get ready for a life-changing weekend.

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We know walking works.
We've got the stories to prove it.

In parks, on sidewalks, in churches, at meetings, on the mountaintop, Black women are experiencing that walking can be a life transforming ritual. They're telling the stories of weight loss, more mobility, less medication, self-care and sisterhood.