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Organizer 101

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Harriet's Handbook

Save Yourself First

Harriet's Handbook

This is GirlTrek’s most exciting challenge to date and you’ll help women cross the finish line. Harriet’s Handbook is a step-by-step guide with 500+ walks and ideas to save your own life and the lives of the women you love. Start this challenge today to earn fun prizes and street credit. Make sure every woman you are walking with downloads the handbook when she joins.

Field Guide

Learn the Rules of Organizing

Field Guide

We encourage all new organizers to study this Field Guide before organizing. Everything you need to know about GirlTrek is here, including our core values and rules. It also has great tips on how to lead a fun and safe trek. Need a quick review, check out our fun bootcamp video. Quiz #1: Can you name all seven of our Trek Codes?

Spread the Word

Spread the Word

GirlTrek's Logo, GirlTrek Flyer

Thousands of beautiful women are creating this movement together so please use the GirlTrek Logo responsibly. Do not stretch it or distort it. Most importantly, do not use it to bring harm to any anyone. Need to get the word out about GirlTrek around your neighborhood? Many women make their own flyers using or other free design platforms. You can always use this general information GirlTrek Flyer.

* Volunteers are not permitted to produce products or national events using this logo.

Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself

GirlTrek Liability Waiver

All adults must register for GirlTrek at By doing so they will sign our liability waiver that protects each volunteer. If you have a minor under the age of 18 she must bring this Liability Waiver with her parent or guardians signature before she can participate.

Storytelling Guide

Tell Your Story

GirlTrek Storytelling Guide

(Paparazzi Guide, GirlTrek's Flickr, and Media Tip Sheet)

Not only are you our feet in this movement, but as a dynamic organizer you are the face and voice, too. Learn how to tell your GirlTrek story for maximum inspiration and exposure. Need help taking or selecting great shots to tag with #GirlTrek on IG and social media? Use the Paparazzi Guide. Need dope photos for a GirlTrek flyer? Download high resolution photos from our Flickr page. Have you been approached by the media? Can you describe GirlTrek? How do you share your personal GirlTrek “TREKtimony”? Check out our Media Tip Sheet for best practices and tips.

Sign Up Sheet

Sign Them Up!

Sign-Up Sheet

Sometimes, when the energy is high, people want to sign up right then and wi fi isn’t available! Use this Old-School Sign Up Sheet! But the most important part of using this sheet is the next two steps. #1: YOU HAVE to enter all names and email addresses into the "JOIN THE MOVEMENT" page of this website. If you don't, your new recruits won't get into the system and #2: You MUST remind these New Trekkers to complete the steps in their welcome email. Each woman must read the waiver on the sign-up sheet and write her name independently to acknowledge and accept GirlTrek's terms.

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