Be an Organizer

We’ve been waiting for you! You are joining the ranks of hundreds of GirlTREK organizers
across America. You OWN this movement. Give it your time, genius and love.

Among you, is the next Harriet, Fannie and Ida B. Wells and each one of them deserve #BlackGirlHealing. Use this Organizing 101 training to support them in their walk to heal their bodies, inspire others, and reclaim their streets!

The Basics

  1. Go to and “JOIN” the movement! Using the tracking device of your choice start tracking your own daily walks on your profile page to earn street credit!
  2. Under “Walk”, select “Host a Walk” Be sure to think of a fun event name! Please note that this will be a public walk and women in your community may join in!
  3. Use the Social Media to invite your friends and family. They will need to JOIN the GirlTREK Movement to RSVP for your walk.
  4. Walk daily to get closer to claiming the victory in the walking challenge – completing 100 walks from Harriet’s Handbook. Encourage your friends and family to complete the challenge, too!

Great Tips

  1. The two most important things are a fun name and regular walking schedule – rain or shine!
  2. Keep members updated! Use text messages, the events RSVP chat box, etc to remind friends about your walk!
  3. Make it Fun
  4. Walks don’t have to be dry! Organize a meet-up at a community 5K, plan an active vacation, or walk to do community service like a litter pickup or to feed the homeless
  5. #SuperheroSaturdays: Most teams walk on Saturday mornings