A Health Revolution for Black Women

Walking towards healing and liberation

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1,227,323 women have taken the GirlTREK Pledge

GirlTREK is a


We’re a global movement of Black women leveraging the historic legacy of walking and the power of self-care as a pathway to heal and transform our lives. We believe walking 30 minutes a day is a radical act of self-love and the root of a cultural revolution.

Current State of
Black Women’s Health

  • 5-10 Year

    less life expectancy for Black women behind other racial groups

  • 81%

    of Black women are overweight

  • 52%

    of Black women are obese

  • 20%

    less likely to engage in physical activity

Health Benefits GirlTREK’s Members Experience:

  • 61%

    report losing weight (on average 15lbs)

  • 90%

    diagnosed with depression said walking improved their symptoms

  • 56%

    sustained 5 days or more of walking for 1 year or more

  • 28%

    report being prescribed less medication

  • 78%

    have been inspired to try new fitness activities

Far more than a walking group, we exist to bring health and happiness to the doorsteps of 700 million Black women worldwide. We are a campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fight systemic racism and transform Black lives.

We are powering a mass movement for health justice.

Walk together children and don't you get weary.”

Nikki Giovanni

We walk to heal our bodies, inspire our daughters, and reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods.

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