Rally the political power of Black women

Join The League

The Black Girl Justice League is seeking Black women voters to help build political power in our communities.

What is Black Girl Justice League?

BGLJ believes that we can advance an intersectional agenda that combats injustices by ensuring Black people and our allies receive voter information, have access to voter registration, and are supported in their walk to the ballot box.

The only prerequisites to join the Black Girl Justice League is to identify as a sister that’s committed to ensuring your voice and vote is heard. Sign-up here.

If you’re already part of the GirlTREK Movement, you’re automatically enrolled as a member of the Black Girl Justice League!

BGJL responsibilities

Early Voting

Walk to your post office, mailbox to vote by mail or drop your ballot at the local board of election.

Black Girl Justice League Button that says "I Voted"

Show You Voted

Let us know you voted and claim your special "I voted" digital sticker.

Claim Your Sticker

Spread the Word

Rally 4 or more friends/family to walk to the post office or mailbox and vote by mail.