Street Safety 101

We’re putting the “move” back in movement! As we lead our friends and family toward new traditions of self-care, that also means staying safe.

Review the GirlTREK Safety Checklist before hitting the pavement:

  • Scout: Check out the full route before you walk with others to audit any hazards (dogs, uneven terrain, missing street lights, etc.)
  • Review Trek Code: Review and uphold the codes of GirlTREK
  • Liability Waiver: Only women who have registered or signed your form can walk with you.
  • Gear and Supplies: Everyone should have supportive sneakers and be wearing layers appropriate for the weather.
  • Street Rules: Walk on sidewalks and paths. When sidewalks are missing, walk on the shoulder toward car and bike traffic. Never jaywalk. Wait for entire team to cross intersections.
  • Emergency Tools: Bring a charged cell phone, extra water and a little bit of food or candy – in case someone needs it. If you have allergies/asthma bring your EpiPen/inhaler and encourage others to do the same.